Poll: How's that best friend you had, before you were diagnosed?

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Ah. My best friend at the time is still around. He and I spent all of our time together doing stupid things whilst seniors at a really good school. He later got into drugs (real drugs) and alcohol but got in legal trouble and cleaned up. He got his BS in two years and has a really good job in programming, and moved in with his old girlfriend and now he’s straight and a bodybuilder. Now I’m straight and a bodybuilder. lol. I mean straight as in being good and not doing stupid ■■■■ (for the most part) and instead behaving and being reasonable. I’m not sexually straight I’m bisexual. He is hetero.

I have a lot of friends who are still around, but he and I were a dynamic high and functional duo back in the day like four years ago. We were a little notorious because we set a poor example- we performed in school and I was even athletic whilst everyone knew we smoked pot and cigarettes almost every single day.

One of my best friends is a counselor at the local mental hospital. I joke with him that he will see me at work tomorrow when I am having a rough day.


My best and longest time friend and I ended up splitting ways at about 17…

He was coming out as Gay… I was taken away to hospital…

He didn’t know I was in hospital… he thought I dropped him… (for being gay)

I didn’t know he was struggling with his own self… I thought he dropped me… (for crumbling)

Both of us too stubborn and too headstrong 17 year olds refusing to blink first.

I got in to hard drugs and more hospitals… he went off to school… and had some hard years… came back home to pick up the pieces…

It wasn’t until a few years ago that his kid sis and my kid sis got us in a room together to work it out.

We’re older and wiser and the friendship has repaired.


my best mate from teen years, is truly in the past. I refer the company of mentally ill folk anyway

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Lost most contact with friends when I started working. Which was before I was diagnosed.

I was the one who parted ways with the person, and they didn’t seem to mind too much.

Gone. He abandoned me after my suicide attempt. I’m over it.

Gone. You would have thought I had developed leprosy.

I decided to part ways with him. Guy had anger issues and was manipulative and trying to take advantage of what little I have.

I kind of lost touch with my best friends from my Hometown - I split a part from them when I got married and moved away from my Home town then I split away from them for good after my psychotic break, this was after my divorce.

I have thought about reconnecting with them again, but I realized that its best this way - I kind of used them and they did the same to me - it was not a true friendship, I can see this now.

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We’re still friends, just not as close. We kind of drifted apart recently.

Last best friend I had(not counting my wife) was between the ages of 8-13. We lost contact after I went to public school from prep school. By the time I was diagnosed mentally ill I had no friends to keep or lose.
I am not sure which is worse having no friends to lose or having friends that back away when you get ill.

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I abandoned my childhood friends in my prodromal stage. I don’t know how much my illness caused this. I had made new friends from jobs I had but one went to prison and another came out gay and fulfilled his life long dream of moving up to San Francisco. I still liked them and they liked me but circumstances split us apart.

There are a few people in my town that will probably be here for a while. I’m lucky they are out there, but none of them really get this illness and spending time with them just gets me wound up.

I do kind of worry about friendship in the long run. Like over the next 30 years. It’s tough to find like minded individuals.

To me friends are a liability. You never know when someone will drag you down a path of irresponsible behavior. I have absolutely zero need for real live friendships. I fantasize about romance a lot but I’m done hanging out with backstabbers. If I meet people for example in my course with whom I have affinities then so be it but it isn’t really high on my priority list. :triumph:

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I’m trying to make that switch. I’ve got people I can always contact, but from what I’ve seen in the last 2 years these people don’t put any effort into spending time with me. Why the hell should I bother with them then.

With this illness its hard to tell what is actually said, but I do know the nature of people and even these people who understand how bad the “pecking order” ■■■■■■■■ is, they still play along and put me down all the time.

Romance would be nice, I’ll keep an eye out for that. As far as friends go there isn’t any real point. Their presence muddles up my mind.

I have the same friend from the age 16 (I’m now 43). She’s a really good person, every time I got lost she either found me or she waited until I came back , always with love. She knew I was sick before I did. I wish everyone was as loving and forgiving,


My best friend flew out to visit me while I was still in a crisis. I basically don’t have any good friends in the state I live in now because when I moved two years ago I immediately became psychotic.

He’s very loyal and I’m grateful for him. When I tried to convince him I was a prophet he didn’t judge me, because he knew me too well.


Hah man. My psychosis set in right after the last time I changed cities as well. I had even lived here before.

Still it was largely social factors of the environment I was in. And extreme isolation, and continuous drug use and the list goes on and on.

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I have no friends from High School despite living near the same town. My three good friends all don’t talk to me ever since I became psychotic. OH well hell.