It is good to have a good therapist

It’s good if you have a good therapist, that is, an intelligent therapist who cares about you.
I have such a therapist.
I believe that such a therapist can help you to squeeze the lemon-
that is, to do the maximum that you are able to.
Such a therapist can embolden you and give you a push to try to improve your condition.
And such a therapist can help you sort out your priorities and sketch out your goals in life.


I had a wonderful therapist but she retired
I can’t get therapist now because waiting list and they wrongly thought I didn’t need one so I have no therapist which sucks
I really need one just to confide in

Do you have a good therapist @Chess24?

I find mine helpful. She often puts things into perspective and offers some good suggestions.

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I go back and forth between liking my therapist and hating my therapist. I really want to trust her but I feel like she’s hiding something from me and not being completely honest.


I don’t have a therapist but I would like one…

I talk to my psychiatrist, I see him for an hour

me too. I used to talk for an hour with my previous pdoc. it was awesome.

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