New therapist?

i get to see my pdoc only once every few months. i am wondering if i should request a therapist that i can talk to on a regular basis.

i h ad one and it started out ok but wound up terrible for me. now i am wondering if it’s just too much – all the years of talking to a professional.

i’ve seen and read that us with sz should have therapy for life. what do you think?

thanks much, judy

The best recovery rates research has found comes from a combo of both medication and therapy. My advice is to not let one bad therapy experience put you off therapy forever. It could have been a really bad therapist or a type of therapy you did not jive with. Give it another go! Therapy has helped me hugely.

thanks anna. hugs, judy

I’m so tired of therapists. They always quit. I’ve had about 100, no exaggeration. I’ve been in therapy for about 25 years. My clinic requires me to have one. I could always go to another clinic but I am just about to open up after all these years. If anything it’s a friend to chat with until you’re comfortable.

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thanks jinx. i am already trying to get one. judy

I hate them for a different reason. I’ve only spoken to a few but I say one thing and they hear another. Then I spend time trying to get them to understand what I mean, it’s not because I explain myself poorly but people just think differently and can interpret the same thing in a different way, and then it takes time to get on the same page. I’ve left feeling more frustrated than helped.

Getting the right therapist is important for recovery. I switched mine about two months ago. It has made a big difference.

People change therapists all the time. They don’t take it personally

i need to feel liked and respected by my therapist. i am wondering if that is ok


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I used to have a psychologist. Didn’t help much, but it’s good when you need some extra support. I quit because I had to pay 60€ out of pocket for each session and it wasn’t worth it.

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yea therapists are expensive… it’s sad you don’t get money back from the healthcare for it. But for me they never did much really… i stopped going because it’s expensive and because it didn’t help me really.

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