Whats a good therapist?

A friend told my 24 years ago that the best therapist you can find is youself. Educate yourself and learn about your disease and analyze yourself. Nothing could have been truer. Be your own therapist and educate yourself.

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Have u ever had a therapist beside yourself? How can you know which would have been better if not?

While I do agree that there are good, not so good and plain awful therapists, as well as that ultimately the best therapeutic objective is to help the pt become their own competent and adequate counsel, the amount of education and experience one needs to become that is considerable. Read a few books? Look at a few websites? Go to a few AA meetings? Please.

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We would still need other people to listen to us try to explain ourselves in order for us to better understand for ourselves just by talking it out with them. I have known for a long time that when I am giving advice to someone else it usually applies even more to me and I answer a lot of my own questions when I do, but I wouldn’t have known it, if that advice were not given to help someone else. It is a somewhat surprising and very consistent phenomena to realize. It is probably the same category of paradoxical like happenings as in realizing the saying “it is more blessed to give than to receive”.

Yeah I’m working on an honors psychology degree because of this ■■■■. After that is either a masters or PhD with a concentration in rehabilitation.

Maybe I will rehabilitate myself while I’m at it.

It takes either an Ivy League bachelors or any graduate degree in psychology to be your own shrink.

I think that psychiatrist could better diagnose and help a patient if they worked together in the same office as the Pt… I think this would be very helpful if those doctors were of different genders or bi sexual if helping those who are sexually challenged. I’m just stabbing at this when I say that those doctors by siting the same distance from each other as the patient is to the head doctor could by the rules of triangulation find better where the Pt’s head is at (so to speak). Or do they already have this type of setup in some psychiatrists offices?

My therapist is a PHD who believes in psychiatry and medications more than she believes in psychology and talk therapy.

I really do respect her for this.

At least she is Honest :smile:

When I’m doing well… I feel I have some Ok insight… then I don’t go to my therapist as much.

When I’m not doing well… I have NO insight… so then having someone else help me is a need… doing it on my own is not an option.

I do agree… things have gotten better for me when I started learning about this illness as well… and self-advocating more.

But if I ever relapse back to where I was… I’m going to need some outside help.

Sorry for the late reply… Yes I have had many Therapists… I’ve found that trying to be my own therapist and communicating with an established Therapist helps to point me to the right literature for me to learn how to take care of myself better… I use my therapist to help me educate me. I dont rely on him to help me but only myself to help me.

My therapist likes to talk about his own problems/life during my session…ugh :expressionless:

A good therapist is someone who listens and does their best to understand your situation. Also they have to be honest with you. You can be a very good therapist to yourself that’s true. But sometimes you definitely need an outside perspective and sometimes you will need to make sure that the perspectives are not influenced by close emotions.

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Agreed. I don’t do therapy and my opinion of therapy is very limited from my personal experience. Sure it may work for you…but I think it’s only beneficial to certain people. No offence! Just not for me!

There’s a shortage of therapists at my local mental health organization. That fact made me feel bad for therapists. I think that being a therapist is a hard job to dedicate your life to. I think it requires you to be selfless.

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