It is another Friday night, alone as always

It has been like this for many years, I am alone in the Friday evening, … well I have my smiling skull from France (1999) and the icon of Saint Mary … I am used to being alone …


What exactly time is it in finland…

19:32 …

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Watching a movie tonight?

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Not tonight, I took my meds and had a meal, still need to do some exercise movements … start sleeping soon … others can drink alcohol in bars and elsewhere …

This smiling skull is very important for me, I got it in one fortress in southern France in 1999, at the time I said ‘Boris Yeltsin is to be fired in six months’ it took nine months and the removal of Yeltsin started the rise of Russia in 1999 … this smiling skull has been with me since then, I had it on my dashboard when I lived in my auto in Miami and elsewhere … I value it a lot …

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@mjseu you are not alone you are with me, I love you.

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My sister and niece and baby lives with me. My sister went out for the night and my niece is here with the baby. I am not alone but that does not mean that I’m not lonely. I was thinking the same thing…another Friday night…not quite alone but lonely. Just like most of us I have no children. I’m divorced and have’nt been in a relationship for 12 years.

Hope you have a nice weekend @mjseu

Wait it’s Friday already? wth!

You are surprisingly forward. Is it romantic love or brotherly love? It’s good to be candid with your feelings.

It is something that I call abstract love, positive emotions towards people.
@mjseu is not unique in that regard,
I love lots of people, I think that humankind is one big family.


"It is another Friday night, alone as always"
whether i want or not, warm Spring is keeping me company, this Friday night

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I’m alone most every Friday night too. It’s been that way all my life. The difference is that now I don’t mind.

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Me too I spend every night alone . Just taken my meds and now off to bed.

Long weekend here in Canada. I try to eat out in late afternoon/ early evenings for supper on Fridays. Both last Friday and today, I did some shopping beforehand. If I have a Delissio pizza, I’ll stay in, though. Listening to “The Most Beautiful Songs in the World” playlist on Spotify right now. Sweet solitude!

I’m just chillin at home alone tonight, but I am enjoying it. I interact with people so much on a day-to-day basis that it’s nice to have a little solitude. Music playing, soon to start on dinner, goulash for me tonight, love the stuff. :slight_smile:

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I used to be alone always and every weekend I would be in bed around 7 pm cause I don’t watch tv but recently started watching recorded films.
I may not have a favourite actor or maybe I do I don’t know.

You might have online friends or if not can chat on this forum .

Being alone can be nice too but if you are wanting to be with someone it may be different.

Wish you a nice Friday night.

Take care @mjseu I like your skull and Saint Mary picture. Very cool :v: