Again it is another Friday evening,

I have been alone for many years, I am used to being alone, althought sometimes I’d like to have some relationships, years have just passed, in this year I’ll be 50 years old, somehow the past 15 years seemed to have passed so fast, I just feel so lonely sometimes, because I have no real friends, sometimes just being totally emotionless is quite helpful, not feeling sadness, depression or any other negative emotions. I feel like this now…

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Mj u look positive …how can u be so positive…

I feel sad and quite depressed today … positivism is so far from me today

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That’s a beautiful picture, @mjseu. I’m sorry you’re feeling lonely. Can you go to a coffee shop or anywhere where there are other people? When I was a single mom, I didn’t date or do much for about 13 years. I would feel especially lonely on the weekends when I knew other people were out together. I had trouble going out and being around people too though, so I was stuck. But sometimes I’d go see a movie by myself.

Hopefully you can read my handwriting …


I made through another Friday evening, slept eight hours and woke up now at 4 AM, ready for another beautiful day, good sleeping makes wonders in my mind, another beautiful day … :smile:

Having no emotions is better than feeling like blowing your brains out all the time.

It’s still friday night here, have you ever thought about crafting and art for now until you meet new friends?

I am quite alright being alone, I do know many people in my neighborhood, they are not really friends, they are just people to whom I say ‘hello’ and maybe have few words with them when I see them outside. I try to occupy my time by watching DVD movies, these are very inexpensive here, just 50 cents each at one flea market, I now have 11 movies to watch, by watching these movies I can also listen to English and refresh my Swedish when I read the Swedish subtitles. I do not really need to read any subtitles, but it is good for my Swedish.

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