Whats everyones plans for whats left of the weekend

Anyone do anything exciting. I am going to do a whole lot of nothing, play games maby volunteer on seven cups but overall just chill.

Today nothing!!! My days off. I never get 2 days off in a row. But I only work 2 days in a row once. So Sunday I’ll be watching football in the morning. Delivering pizzas at night.

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I’m in the mood for bizza think Im gonna get a bake at home pizza tomorrow.

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Gotta get a new cellphone was pickpocketed this week.

I’m all out of abilify but the pharmacy is closed on Saturday and Sunday. Damn. Well I have 20 mg pills I can split in two. So it’s all good :wink:

Watch out for withdrawals, I also keep extra risperidone and order like a week in advance to avoid running out.

I’ll be at my grandma’s retirement home in China tomorrow. Not sure if she has plans or if we’re just going to sit in her room all day.

what do you normally do when your there?

The key word is “understanding”. Try to be understanding of the thoughts I’m having. They can be pretty intense and overwhelming me all the time. I need to learn how to focus and understand them better as part of me not all of me, so they aren’t so overwhelming.

Just woke up. Took meds again.

Whats your plans for the weekend and how are you today?

It doesnt look like anybody has plans for the weekend.:expressionless::expressionless:

Cleaning. Watch TV. Ignore people. Trying to have a good day.

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Same thing we do evernight pinky try and take over the world

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That sounds nice and relaxing

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I have to get behind my house and barn weed eated. dad has been getting on me to do it for 4 days. it’s getting high. I told him I just wanted to wait til the grass and weeds stop growing and then do it, so i’ll only have to do it once more before winter. I hate weed eating, I sweat so bad doing it. you can’t see it from the road, and I keep up with the weed eating in the front where you can see it. that’s all I have planned for the weekend, should be a boring time. the weekends are my least favorite time of the week, because there is no good talk radio on to distract me for 3 hours a day. maybe i’ll watch some football tomorrow, it has to be a passing offense or I get bored watching smash mouth football.

I’m going to go out in about an hour to get a gallon of unsweetened tea. Later in the evening I’m going to go for a walk with brief spurts of running.

Dunno what I’ll do tomorrow. Maybe go out to eat?

It depends on what my grandma wants to do. We did a lot of shopping yesterday so today we might be just walking around the retirement home.

Not much. Read and listen to music. Video games for a bit. Maybe try to crochet something.

I’m going to do some homework tomorrow. I may go to an arts festival downtown tomorrow but I’m unsure if I want to