It finally happened

I have been through plenty of stuff in the last 6 or 7 years. Some of you know the problems I had with my neighbor which was maddening, then the stress of moving. I’ve had financial problems, I’ve faced isolation, I lost weight but gained some back, car problems, a few car accidents. All this while dealing with symptoms.

But in a weird way, I honestly feel that nothing really bad has happened in the last few years. Honestly. Those problems happened but then went away. But now I am facing something that has big repercussions.

It started a year ago when my back was bothering me. No pain, but it was really stiff in the mornings, I could barely pick up something from the floor because of the stiffness. As the day went on it loosened up but I had it looked at by my doctor. My doctor said it might be scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and referred me to the big hospital that treats the whole county for x-rays. But stupidly(don’t ask me why) I never went. I mean I wasn’t in pain so I just blew it off.

Well, so a couple of months ago it got stiffer, and then I strained it so I was in a LOT of pain. I could barely sit or walk without it hurting. It was a night mare, and I missed a week of work but I finally went for x-rays, still in pain. Well, I got the results today and it isn’t scoliosis its arthritis.

I went to my job yesterday for the first time in two weeks and they sent me home. My boss told me I need a note from my doctor dictating my new limitations. I can hardly bend. And my job may be in jeperday. They will decide next week whether they will accommodate me or let me go. And this stupid back problem will make it hard to get a new job.

I think this is the worse thing that’s has happened to me. my doctor prescribed physical therapy but I will just have to see how this all plays out in the next week. I might lose my job and my back may be permanently wrecked.

Oh man Nick… and you just moved into a new place…

I hope hope that your back will be ok…

Good luck and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

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That is terrible man,start taking glutamine it really helps the body heal and its cheap in bulk, I hope you keep your job.

I’ll cross my fingers and hope it has a happy ending for you. I’ve heard of glutamine too, ask your doc about it. It’s a supplement not a med.


Here’s the webmd page on it (I think, not sure)

a inverted table might help I recently bought one off Amazon and I can say that its good quality as long as you aren’t too big and heavy maybe under 6’ 5" and 200 lbs should be ok.

Its called “The Body Champ” I think its the cheapest they have but it works great.

Im kinda working my way into a regular schedule right now.