Tough day at work

I got arthritis in my lower back. It hurts pretty bad and I can hardly bend at the waist and my walking is slowed way down. I went to work today like this. My janitor job is easy but its still physical and now there’s certain tasks I can’t do. I told them I can’t do trash but they put me on trash duty anyway and I was in a lot of pain.

I almost asked if I could go home several times and I thought of quitting but I toughed it out and made it through the day. It sucks. I’m pretty depressed about it and my future is up in the air. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Arthritis is painful so I can emphasise. Do you take painkillers?

Just aspirin. …Do you have arthritis? I seem to remember that you wrote about it a year ago.

Get a doctors excuse saying that you can’t perform duties that require you to bend over, otherwise they’re not going to take you seriously.

If they continue to force you to do things that cause you physical pain, I’d consider speaking with a lawyer. It sounds as if you’re not far off from needing to go on long term disability for the rest of your life, so you might want to start getting things prepared to prove that you can no longer work.

It’s unfortunate that it has to come to this, but companies don’t care about their employees nowadays so you often have to make threats to be taken seriously.

Thanks. Yeah, I got a doctors note. My boss keeps putting pressure on me to do things that are kind of in a grey area. She’s new and doesn’t understand.

My grandmother has it is on several painkillers a day. I’ve had pain due to vit d issues as well. Perhaps you could have a blood test too?

Thanks. I had x-rays done and I got a referral to start physical therapy.

I laid in my bed the entire day due to back pain and I’m only 29. I have several herniated discs in my back. It feels like a new one has been damaged after moving some furniture on Monday. I can’t imagine how much pain I’ll be in 10 years from now.

I’m sorry you had to go through this. I’ve had several herniated discs due to lifting weights or playing sports, they are painful and take a while to heal. I don’t know if it’s available in the US but there is a balm to apply locally called Lakota that gave me some temporary relief. Look for it if you want.

You are getting advanced in age and your job is physical, my father still works at 66 years old but plans on retiring when he’s 70.

I wouldn’t force myself to do things that can be painful as that will most likely prolong the issue. Good luck, Nick.

Hmmm. If it becomes too much you could deliver newspapers? Like the bundles that the kids deliver?

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sorry 77nick77 that sucks…you have a great attitude though :sunny:
take care :alien:

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Wow, that’s terrible. That is really, really too bad. Is there anything the doctors can do?

Are you kidding?

No I was serious . A guy I worked with used to drive his car and drop off bundles before he came to work with us in the mornings 7 days a week by car.

How could I lift those bundles? Or do you mean just delivering?

Just delivering. Good question I forgot you would have to move them all I know is he made around 1200 a month doing it in canada

Yeah, that’s good money but I can’t walk very good and getting in and out of my car causes pain. But thanks anyway.

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To my knowledge, there’s not a lot doctors can do about herniated discs with the current technology. I could get a spinal tap or be put on pain killers, neither of which I want. I’ve finally went off all my psychiatric meds so I’m sure if I went to a doctor they would force me to be back on those before prescribing pain killers.

It looks like the opinion of euthanasia in the USA is finally changing, so hopefully in 10 years it’ll be legal in whatever state I’m in so I can finally end my pain. 10 years is a long time to suffer though. :pensive:

Geez, that sounds pretty bleak. There must be something else you could do. Maybe stem-cell technology will eventually help you. I hope you find something.

I’m not trying to piss you off or anything, but arthritis is alleviated with exercise. I would get into a nice walking routine, and also try yoga.