It doesn't feel confidential at the pdoc's

after I go to the pdoc or social worker it feels like someone either overheard something personal or got told something personal.

I never ever invaded anyone’s privacy and am resenting this “feeling” I am getting.

what do you do?


I get this sometimes at the gp or at the hospital i go to for a study. I will think of what they would say about me once ive walked away. Sometimes its almost like i hallucinate that. Like oh yes he is a sz patient etc. This is prolly one of those cases where it is paranoia/hallucination/delusion but still true.

The other day, I told my therapist some pretty confidential stuff about me - It was related to my OCD and Anxiety.

I felt extremely vulnerable and felt like a Freak to be honest about it, but I felt that she ought to know.

Again, I told the receptionist at my General Practicioner’s office that I was too Anxious to get my blood work done at this time - I felt vulnerable again. I do not like to tell others about my mental illness - but again felt that my GP’s office should know this about me.

Feeling very uneasy about opening up to others