Do you feel a sense of confidentiality at the therapists?

I love my social worker only every time I go I wonder who was listening in on my conversing with her.

it’s unpleasant to worry about these things.

is anybody else here plagued by these type of symptoms?


A few times I thought my counselor was recording me with her phone…she had her phone out CONSTANTLY and I hated it…like she couldn’t pay attention to me. But yes I have experienced that.

I just assume nothing is confidential.

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I know that things between clients and therapists is supposed to be confidential, but my paranoia makes me think that she has talked about me behind my back. :confused: I don’t see her anymore but I’m planning to have sessions with her again because of my problems.

Think that all the time.

Paranoia. Part of the schizophrenic world we live in.