It didn't dawn on me until years later how close I was to going to jail

I threatened the neighbor lady. We had a running feud going and she just pissed me off. We’re friends now but back then there was a lot of stuff going on. She called the cops on me and 5 of them came to my door. I went out on my porch and four of them formed a semi circle around me four feet away and one just kind of stood about ten feet off to the side observing.

They asked me a bunch of questions and I was calm by then and talked them for about 15-20 minutes. They told me to leave her alone and don’t talk to her and then they left. I was glad I wasn’t in trouble but I didn’t think about the incident much. It took until 4 years later for me to realize that their questions and my answers were to see if they should take me to jail. I didn’t think or feel at the time of the incident that I might go to jail, I’m kinda dumb like that. I wonder how close it was.


When I was psychotic I threatened someone on fb with my real name. Next day federal cops came to my house and told me to stop talking to that guy. I don’t have anger issues anymore since being on meds. Paranoia sucks, paranoia gives me anger issues

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i m happy for you thats these hard days gone

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five cops? ohhhh they Wanted to take you to jail…she probably said you threatened her or something…good they didn’t take you…lucky.

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