Will I end up in court

I made a death threat last year towards my old pdoc at the psych ward.
I regret doing it but the police said it could go to court

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How old were you at the time Crystal, and how serious was the threat?

I know someone who got 3 months in jail for this sort of thing, but he went into brutal detail about the things he was intending to do.

I was 15 (now 16) and it wasn’t that serious

I bit a policewoman.

They prosecuted me.

But then dropped charges.


I was full blown psychotic at the time.

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I think juvenile court might be possible, but I don’t think you would go to jail. Probably just a telling off. Laws are different around the world and from one state to another, so you’d need to ask a lawyer to be sure.

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Best bet is to be on your best behaviour and take a least restrictive order

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What should I do now

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Study hard play hard… make friends. Don’t dwell on it

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Try to keep yourself distracted with constructive things.

And I think you probably won’t go to jail.

Yes but what about court

You can prepare, by writing down your version of events.

Do not contact the person who is accusing you, because trying to convince them to drop charges would be a serious offence.

Aside from this the best thing is for you to take care of yourself. Recognise when worrying is helpful, and when it is unhelpful.

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Don’t worry juvenile court is not a big deal. Compared to jail.

Just show them that you really regret what you did and you learnt from it.

It is the first time ever that you did that


Youve mentioned this before. No you wont. Your mentally ill and rarely stable.

Why do you think that?

Cos you are. Chill out and worry about something more productive. I aint gonna have a conversation with your endless leading questions either sweet.

You would have been nicked long ago. Focus on your recovery.

How to recover from the paranoia I have?


… Good luck… :slight_smile:

Its a constant work in progress you will find. The trick is to have some semblance of self awareness and learn from it. Everyones coping skills are different. You gotta learn your own.


That’s really good advice, @Naarai :slight_smile:

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I can’t help but fear the court