Isnt Schizophrenia an asset?

It is proven that Schizophrenics are more creative, more intuitive and certainly more aware about stuff. For example it is entirely possible that they are able to see/hear/perceive stuff that could be more real than unreal. Can it not be possible that for example they are able to perceive threats and are ultra-sensitive?. I am not saying that all the delusions are REAL…I would say more than 60% are just that - DELUSIONS…But some of these delusions could be a reality?.

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Talking about delusions that are from an imminent threat such as government or targeting is not consistent with recovery. Thank you.

Delusions are exactly that, delusions. Therefore they are not reality.

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I wouldn’t really call it an asset.
I mean to some extent it can be beneficial and schizophrenics are known for being wild contributers to certain parts of society with wild ideas and creative thoughts, very true.
But at the same time as a paranoid schizophrenic here in Australia, There’s a list of things I can’t do.
A. Work for the government (major employer in this country and well payer is the government a lot of my family works for them I cannot). This includes any government police, army, navy, etc, welfare or any of that.
Hold down employment at major industries. I’m sorry mate but no major industry is going to hire a schizophrenic that means the mining industry, companies like telstra, phone call centres etc. I’m almost forced into working as a cleaner or in the retail industry because no serious employer is going to employee me. Even if I go study at university for many years this doesn’t guarantee me a job in a some what decent field because a lot are going to reject my application heck even some major retail outlets wouldn’t hire someone like me. So ultimately it leads to you being on a disability pension like myself and many other mentally ill. It’s really rare in australia to be hired as a schizophrenic. I mean I could probably go out and get a trade but those type of industries are hardcore blue collar working tribesman that would push you out of the industry and it’s really focused on who you know and what you know not your skills. So it’s really hard to get employed if the boss just doesn’t like ya or wouldn’t have a beer with ya. and unfortunately in australia many people would prefer not to hire a schizophrenic or be around them. It’s just kind of how it is. Unless you are super high functioning. with that being said though, I could probably pick up a job out in the country or bush if you wanna call it that working on a farm or something but it wouldn’t get much better then picking fruit maybe a little bit better if I got to know people but it wouldn’t be a serious job. I’d probably say you’d get minimum wage at best and the adult minimum wage is $24 an hour and that being said you probably wouldn’t even get that you’d get more like 12-15$ and I already get $13 as it is on my pension. $500 a week divide 38 hours = $13. So it’d almost be pointless.


I think America is better in that schizophrenics can do a lot of jobs, but not all. It’s also illegal to discriminate. Your welfare benefits are better than ours though.

Initially I thought schizophrenia was a gift but now I don’t think so. My intelligence has declined and I suffer. I’m unemployed. Maybe my schizophrenia genes allowed me to be above average, intellectually, and allowed me to be abstract and creative, but now I’m on a decline. Currently, I don’t have the intelligence to go back to university to study mathematics. Maybe someday, but not now.


Yep I believe that there is a good chance that the delusions are real,but I cant elaborate because if I did they would lock this thread down.

I’m the only one with schizophrenia in my family and I’m the smartest one. But I have poor social skills/ poor communication which may be due to Aspergers or schizophrenia, but I had this my whole life. My step dad is an engineer. He can program better but my math skills are better. I have a friend that is possibly a genius and is a lot smarter than me.

Post fliers on you as a tutor around community colleges. If you love mathematics, you will inspire them. It takes more than brains, it takes a love and a light.


I used to be a tutor but some of my skills are rusty. There are prestigious tutoring centers that pay $30/hr but I can’t join because I never took the ACT/SAT. I’m also worried about posting my info on Craigslist or in the community. I think my best bet is going back to college and working as a tutor or taking the SAT and getting paid $30/hr.

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Um… I’d say the majority I’ve met are of average to below average intelligence. Sure there are some top performers, but they tend to be outliers. This illness seems to be accompanied by crippling cognitive deficits for many. I’m pretty good with words, but even I can’t sell that as a plus.


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Some of my delusions are philosophical and can’t be disproven. Some are even taken seriously by the scientific community. But to the layman, the psychiatrist, I’m insane.

Yes, the average schizophrenic performs below average. But I’ve read that there are a disproportinate amount of gifted/high achievers with schizophrenia. Believe it was a New York Times article.

I’ve also read schizophrenics have decreased creativity. Schizotypals and relatives have the highest.

We do have heightened sensitivity, this is good and bad, but generally acts as a running dialogue of what is happening around us sometimes in the form of voices. Even delusions can be formed through external stimuli. But I do pride myself that I’m aware of everything, and catch things my friends and family do not.

Manic depressive have most prevalent creative abilities. Schizophrenics tend to be too distracted. But if you’re on meds, whala, things can happen.

Dude man if you can go to school to better yourself then DO IT this is a no brainer.

You must be from a rich family

To even consider anything else.

Same for me. At first I thought “wooo I’m schizo. i’m a genius like john nash”…probably my way of coping with reality. I’m glad I thought that. But now I realize I’m just an average joe+disabled. Although I have written about my experiences and try to savior the moment and am humbled as a result. Still a struggle though daily… Peace

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My family doesn’t help me. I would get financial aid and loans.

And we are middle class.

Disabled services are improving. Even in colleges. Don’t let anything stop you.

So many more, have their own problems, you are an asset to them.

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