Isnt Schizophrenia an asset?

Are you talking to me? If so then thank you a lot. If not then, very well. Still a good post. Peace :blush:

Yankees game starting now

Go Cubbies!

We ball fans gotta keep this summer going.


Might be there year this year, FINALLY! I’m not trying to jinx it for you guys but they’re pretty good. What do you think?

SZ was an asset. After getting forced onto meds, though, it isn’t anymore. I used to have high bouts of energy and that is gone. However, I do dream VERY deeply - so deeply that I can’t tell the difference between the reality of my dream world and the real world 99% of the time.

Dreams are all that I’ve got left of me.

Well, we are a young team, so either this year or maybe the next. Cardinals will be hard to beat. They always come away with it, makes me sick.

Keep your dreams alive. Are these for your life, or for imagined scenarios? Just keep on striving.

I’m talking dreams, as in when I fall asleep at night and experience surreality. I don’t have any conscious “dreams” or ambitions to think about.

Seriously man get as much assistance while you can because they will put a stop to it right quick.

I wish that I had avenues open to me but well? What can you do?

Well either way there’s plenty of time for a young team in baseball. I’m sure if you said the cubs will win a world series in the next five years then cubs fans would sign up for it in an instant. Yankees owning the sox right now!

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I’m sorry to hear about that. I felt that way for awhile.

I totally agree with you. Maybe not more creative but definitely hypersensitive to their environment.

Well… sorry… but, no. Some sz people are quite insightful, creative and productive. But the statistics make it pretty clear that they are a very small minority. There is no (“better” or “worse”) IQ skew that I know of in sz. The bell curve for processing speed is no different from those who do not have sz. (The standard IQ tests, however, utilize challenges many sz pts cannot deal with at all.)

What hurts most sz patients is that their cognitive capacities are seriously thwarted and distorted by the upshots of the disease. Many sz pts assert that they have superior intellects, but when tested, it becomes clear that those assertions are as delusional as much of the rest of their thinking.

One cannot deal with one’s issues if one denies them.

Please see current research on the creative mind and mental illness especially on yahoo it might confirm some of your beliefs.

Mental care policy is not to discuss coping information for social problems. So you have a part-time psychotic group of people in a lot of locations who follow orders from voices to go bother specific new schizos. This is called thought broadcasting when you are bothered about private stuff by strangers. Some cities have groups of teenagers stalking new people in hazing kind of ritual threatening some people who had history of psychosis. This is called gang stalking…If you do not answer, you will be safe. Take this as sign area will not be okay for you and leave as soon as able. Guided conversation is group of part-time psychotics who go out in public to stalk and harass a specific patron of a restaurant usually…these people talk about what is said in their head and usually upsetting to victim.

I don’t answer these people as they just get nuttier on you unless you are treated like this at work. Usually this only happens if you have been talking about your past abuse history or discussing your mental care/diagnosis which is huge professional mistake…Some people may treat you to thought broadcasting when you first accept a job, especially if you are in menial labor job or millenial as the younger people do this stuff more than middle-agers. Is bad sign you are with group of people that will probably mistreat you so I would keep my mouth shut until you can complain to boss about sexual harassment or hostile behavior from coworkers…These do mess up work of others, ruin equipment or steal sometimes…Middle age men are more likely to screw employees too, especially if the guy has ever thrown a dramatic hissy about anyone. I would totally quit a job if I met one of these kind of old guys.

Some okay people will try to pick you up by telling you something private about yourself. Some of these fix-ups result in okay marriages who later cheat the heck out of you or wife beat when the other snaps & loses it. And some people just meet weirdos this way. Some of the people acting like this have been trained to never discuss fact they are actually a part-time psychotic and will call you a headcase and even try to get you on disability pay to use it…Check this out if you want.

Thought insertion means your internal voice has been hijacked. This happens lots around schizo when you are in company of old folks or children, they will sound possessed and not even realize it. It is just bad joke. Ignore it.

All is called delusional due to mental care policies…Remember, you can never get angry with your mental care or you will be locked up in mental hospital at your own expense for as long as the doctor can justify. Most lose job and some go homeless…If you do not feel the mental care or therapy is meeting your needs, just check out some different doctors and cancel your next appointment.

Best to add, a lot of people were told to go to churches to get psychosis to stop and these folks have turned into nutty hate monger stalkers whose latest project in lots of places is harassing schizo victims on disability pay…Church choice to make the voices stop can put you in a cult-like church run by a dirty businessman and you may not be able to leave without financial damages from cleaned out checking account after writing checks to tithe or threats made against your family. I would only check out a church if you know several members very well…Some churches throw out psychotics and you will be treated to several years of stalkings by more people from the church and maybe even messed with at work. Ugly truth but some of these Christian types are just nuts hiding in a big group – lying, backstabbing sniveling nuts.

I definitely think schized and the mental care is a burden. But, I was older when my symptoms started so I can cope okay enough to have a good life.

Schizophrenia is not an asset. It is a cruel disease that destroys lives, the lives of those who have it and those who love them. Nothing good comes from this illness.

You really sound as if the whole world is out to get you. I really doubt this. And I don’t believe in gang stalking either. I hope you get help for your paranoia.

I’ve seen schizophrenia from the outside before I had it. It was the best thing I’ve ever witnessed. I didn’t even think about all the meltdowns I witnessed.

And then I experienced one myself.

This is a disease, not an evolution.

I haven’t dug through all the research on this subject but I have read that the IQ curve for patients with schizophrenia is skewed towards the lower range of scores. Here are two studies I found when I googled “IQ distribution schizophrenia”:

Interesting post, I’m inclined to agree - Since my return to work in March I feel a lot better at my job, strangely. Because I tend to worry about EVERY potential scenario incurring every situation I face, I find I’m more thorough in a working aspect at least. Doing my job is the only thing I do more fluently since my illness began.