Isn't a relationship love AND hate?

The way songs and religion talk, they expect love, love, love and never accept that there is also hate in the same relationship. I love the people and dogs in our house, but sometimes *&%$#!

It should be more love and less hate. Otherwise what would be the point. I could date an abusive spider who smells of hot garbage who has a crack addiction and lives in a trolls cave… I dont know where i was going with that but you should be happy with your relationship atleast most of the time.

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It’s like love/fear/self-loathing/mild disdain at times…

that all passes if you learn to love distantly and have a whole lotta gd patience… I mean… true love is kind of unconditional… that’s fucken rare… its more than just getting along and having sex… find that and you better learn that you should settle out all your distrust issues or you just going to drive them away with your insecure bs…

People sleep around… but a guy/girl who is actually in love isn’t gonna want to do that in most cases…

look for them trying to express that they want to belong to you… and hopefully you actually see the potential to feel the same about those folk… then you gotta a good chance of something lasting…

that’s just the beginning though… erryone’s got issues… eeryone wants privacy… everyone fights… and yadda yadda…

how about this love = oxytocin/dopamine/norepenephrine release + â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– 

My love was unconditional and devoted, but then WAS is the key word here. Haven’t fallen for anyone like that since I was 17 remaining “friends” until about 21 if a friend is someone you come home from college to have that nervous breakdown on you can’t have around anyone else and occasionally still sleep with.

There’s a few from my 20’s I miss like all hell, there were moments but not the experience of falling in love. Maybe after the fact.

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Anger at times, sure, hate? No.

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But try loving the people you have every reason to hate to the depths of where ever it is hate comes from. I can’t hate, the ones I love are family but even those I have no love for, it’s not hate I feel, it’s resentment and feelings of injustice in kind of numb and blah sort of way.

I never hate my husband. I get really upset, really angry, want to leave sometimes, (but never will). But I always love him.

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cant say I hated Sam, or hate Yuki in anyway shape or form, tho I do dislike how they both leave their undies on the bathroom floor…

Well, at 71,I was not thinking of sexual love - maybe what’s called brotherly love.

I’d say love and frustration, maybe. I don’t know if I have the capacity to hate the people I care about. I don’t even really have the capacity for disdain. But I do get frustrated.

that’s wholly different! I am the oldest of five kids, four of us boys, I hate my borthers with a passion bt I would die for them!

some sing

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I could never hate my partner but my in laws sure. I love my partner.

Not with a Mongoose. They don’t love anybody.

I’m sorry what were we talking about again?

Mongoose are family structured. But badgers and australian devils they love none…

Hate is such a strong word. If you have love and hate in a relationship than it’s not a healthy relationship. Hate is too strong.

Mongoose don’t hate.

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Wolverines are probably as mean as badgers or Australian devils. You do want to anger a wolverine.

I think there is a difference between frustration and anger, with hate. When you get down to it, love and hate are not emotions, though they do cause emotions. Emotions are one of the most temporary and fickle things in existence, and if love/hate was an emotion, there would be no marriages lasting longer than a week.