Love, And All Of It's Confusion And Purity



Yes…, Love.

Some People Hate It. Some People Oddly Enough, Love It.

I Never Fell In Love Until I Met A Person Who Cleared Away All Of The Doubt And Confusion.

But!, Didn’t Dare Think I Deserved To Feel That Beautiful Emotion From Her To Me.

Before I Met Her. It Was All Jus A Neverending Void Of Simplistic Confusion.

I Loved Music. Don’t Get It Twisted. Music Was, And Still Is, My Everything.

But!, There Was Jus Something About Thus Girl That Was Like A Spear In My Side.

Although With Such A Wound. There Was No Medical Examination Necessary.

Because She Was Quietly, Calmly, Peacefully, Correcting My Understandable Faults.

Now, I Loved My Pet Friends. And Honestly, My Only Friends. And With Them By My Side. I Didn’t Really Feel The Need To Look Any Further. I Continued Within Mental Sickness And So On.

But!, Thus Woman!. Beyond Imagination. I Fell. I Was Evolving. Seeing The Universe Differently. And The Rest Didn’t Seem To Matter All That Much. But!, She Still Pushed Me To Never Give Up. On What I Believe In. And What My Heart Rests Within. She Believed In Me.


Like The Song Says, ‘What Is Love’.

I Understood That Very Easily. But!, I’m Easily Sidetracked. My Pets Were Love.

I Couldn’t See It Fully. But!, Emotionally Felt It Regardless. And They Didn’t Judge My Confusion.


What Is Love?.

That Woman Who Came Into My Life. My Existence. My Heartbeat. My Wandering.

N e Hoo.

The Next Time You Wonder If You’re Fortunate Enough To Experience Honest Pure Love.

Jus Repeat To Yourself.


Why Not You, Is All You Need To Ask.

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :owl: :spider_web: :owl:


well, a woman doesn’t need to be pure.

are men?

we live, we age, how old are you, anyway?
I’m over 50 now, and have had many.

it wasn’t love really, but just give and take. better when the guy gave.

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Hmm. . .

There Is Some Truth To Thus Statement. Subtracting, (Of Course), The Idea That Saying ‘I Love You’ (By) Buying A Small Gift Each Day, (Giving), To Your Loved One, Isn’t Love. . .

Sometimes All It Takes Is The Honesty From The Entire Being Within Your Pure Vulnerability.

A Sense Of Giving. And As It Is Received. Your Friend, The Love Of Your Life, Gives Back.

Purity Doesn’t Take Anything Away. It’s A Gift That Continues To Give.

Thank You For Reading My Post.

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :owl: :spider_web: :owl:

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So is This Woman’s still in your life now?

qp|| We Are All, Experts Of Ourselves. |||+|||

qp|| So Treat Love The Right Way And Respect The Wishes Of It’s Heart’s Desire. |||+|||

qp|| How Can Perfection Not Exist If Trees Are Real And You Breathe In Their Promise?. |||+|||

You are soooo lucky to have found someone! I’m happy for you. I need to stop looking for someone with my qualities and find someone that has what I lack.

Hmm?. . .

Human Beings Can Be Strange Creatures.

As You Mention, Someone To Complete The Circle. A Sort Of 50/50 Current Of Formation.

Although, Each Spiritual Test Specimen Shares The Same Close Proximity Of Coexistence.

If Not Of Exact Probable Duplicate Within Emotional/Physical Standardization.

At Least Something That Rests Within The Sphere Of Understanding.

Which, In The End Result, Becomes Another Reason To Care For, Take Care Of, And Love.

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :owl: :spider_web: :owl:

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