Is your speech clear and distinct?

Ie people find it easy to tell what you are saying. This is sometimes/quite often a problem for me. I think I have spoken clearly only for the other person to suggest that I have not either by saying pardon or huh or getting what I said wrong.
Classic example phoned up for Chinese and amongst other things ordered king prawns in breadcrumbs. What arrives? Chicken in breadcrumbs. Other possibilities the girl on the phone was partially deaf or inattentive but it’s not the first time by a long chalk that my words have been misheard.
The thing is in my head it sounds as though I am speaking clearly but quite often it seems not.

Your not the only one. I had a hard time earlier explaining to the taxi service where I wanted to be picked up from.

I just had chinese too. King prawn chow mein.

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It was frustrating as I phoned at the tail end of take away delivery time and it was too late to ring up and complain. I hope you enjoyed your King prawn chow main.

For quite a while now I’ve been ordering on the just eat website when at home.

I use them too but the nearest Chinese takeaway to me,which I used tonight, isn’t on there or online elsewhere.

I speak the words clearly, I think, but I start at odd places and ramble around. I don’t notice until too long into it and I’ve already lost the attention of the person I’m talking to. For instance, if what I need to say takes ten words, I’ll use thirty, and somewhere in the thirty are the ten I needed but they’ve lost focus as they’re diluted. I have to try again a few times.

No. I have to speak in class and am known to make little sense. I’m not stupid but when I speak, I often mumble and think I said it clearly. It is annoying, because I’m not shy and people always tell me to speak up. The volume of my words is fine just what comes out is garble.

During some psychotic breaks, I speak irrationally I’m told. I think it is just how my mind works…idk really.

I think it is, but I also go blank easily and often. It’s like anxiety just erases all the thoughts presently in my head, and I get anxiety easily when talking to people. When I’m alone and talking to myself, I’m a lot more articulate and can keep the ball rolling for quite a while.

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I go blank to. It is the most irritating thing when you are trying to talk to someone and all of a sudden just pause. Eight seconds later I pick up again and everyone looks at me funny.

I started therapy recently and was extremely anxious in there.

So she would ask me a question, and in the process of answering it, I would forget the question and get off track, and then suddenly go completely blank, and then realize that I had forgotten what she asked me in the first place.

She kept looking at me like I was on drugs.

I wish you luck there. Hopefully the therapist knows you weren’t on drugs, and it was just the mind being well you know.

This reminds me of a time when I was experience some strange form of psychotic mania and was accused of being on drugs. Tests came back negative, of course. It was a strange thing.

I have the opposite problem - I can’t hear jack squat. Talking to people on the phone is the worst for me. Everyone sounds like they’re mumbling in a tunnel. I usually talk too loud because my hearing sucks.

While people can understand me well most of the time, I speak quietly a lot and I tend to mumble and stutter. As a result, I sometimes need to repeat myself. I also tend to ‘chop up’ my words as a result of anxiety.

Playing back my recorded voice I notice my diction is not the best. In terms of volume it varies. Most of the time it can be on the quiet side but if I get emotionally het up it can rise by several levels and be quite loud.

I had to ask, because I had no idea, but was told that my speech is clear, coherent and consistent. Sometimes I space out, when I’m doing something and speaking at the same time, like being on the computer for example.

Yes, I think my speech is clear and distinct.

My speech gets jumbled and tangential when I’m anxious, but otherwise I’m told it’s clear and articulate.

I thought this was about the content and sense of what we’re saying

My voice sucks, and i write some rap songs

I just wish i had pacs voice

But its more like bizzy bone without the sick flow

No, everyone claims I don’t speak up but I think I do. I had speach therapy but speech is hard for me I get stuck (schizo caused) but also I kind of stutter and have problems with certain sounds