How do you deal with rambling and confusion?

Hello. So I’ll try and not make this too long but I need some advice on rambling, I seem to ramble A LOT, I just talk and talk and talk until I’m on the topic of something like brain surgery when I was first talking about schizophrenia, I guess there is a slight connection there but it really confuses people and makes it hard to communicate. I’ve done this to my girl friend before, not sure if she’s noticed though.

I have a lisp, that before I was ill, never had. I’m confused pretty much constantly, it just feels hazy and misty inside of my head, all, the, time. I’m not sure how to deal with this since, well, It’s kinda embarrassing irl, please help. Thank you. Even just a relation might give me some, hope? Someone to relate to is always nice.

Why don’t you try listening to people instead of talking to them. I find I used to talk to people, dominating the conversation and driving them away. Other people are much more interesting than they seem on the outside…
I don’t know what to say about your confusion.


I can talk out of my head too. Like I’m talking and just spitting out all my nonsense - trying to get it out of my mind. Its hard to talk because I’m extremely silly. I guess I will talk on one subject for 30 seconds then on another subject for 30 seconds and ROUND AND ROUND WE GO WHERE WE STOP NOBODY KNOWS. I had a good days the head trips didn’t drive me crazy. My eyes were burning and I had to get off the road. I parked in a parking lot. I shut the windows and put on the air conditioner and was able to drive again. You know I honestly believe God did that to me to get me off the road. I one of those people that believe God is communicating with me through things that happen. I thought God communicated to me through the Bible not to go to New York I have to wait until he gives the OK and directs me to the Church I must go to. I don’t tell people about things like this because I don’t want them to think I’m crazy like they think Schizophrenics are crazy Thanks for listening. I could talk some more but I got to go do some school work.

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i used to ramble all the time ,i have had to really concentrate on my speech , listen to others, and realize that keeping a sentence short or shorter is in everyones’ interest.
think of your speech like a poem not a novel !
take care

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I write better then I talk. If you read this forum and see how long some of my post accidently are… then I bet you can get a picture of what it’s like being in a room with me. (when I’m not in a negative symptom slide)
I started life as a hyper motor mouth.

But I’ve been trying to get better and stay on topic. I’ve been working on keeping my answers short. I think this site has helped me get used to the idea of shortening down what I say.

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Do you do much writing? or have a journal? Maybe you just have a lot of thoughts that you would like to get out and writing them out may help to organize them a bit better. I find writing helps me a lot. When something is bothering me and my mind is going over and over it. Then writing it out helps me to organize what I am thinking. Consciously stopping to take time to breath may help to slow down what you are saying as well.



   I just wanted to point out that there's a difference between being "bad" and being "sick". I understand you are having real problems associated with the phenomenon of schizophrenia, and I identify with that discomfort.

    I believe you are new to the illness and wondering around in a foreign land, so to speak, but I also believe to an extent you're going to get used to the new feautures of your own consciousness and cope better.

Good wishes,