Is your family close?

hey look on the brighter side, at least you’re not walking yourself literally bonkers, that’s extremely tiring.


There is also a lot of good old family dynamic at play when stuff like this gets going. I have an aunt on my Mom’s who I really like but just sets my Mom off like no other (Mom’s older sister) and my Mom is usually a calm cool woman. My Dad and my Uncle, (Dad’s older brother) are good friends, but not around Mom. Dad is so on edge when that Uncle is at the house. Lot’s of history in play.

Jack and I alone are getting better, John and I alone are good, Sis and I alone… solid, all three of us together… not so solid, Add Jake into the mix… all hell breaks out. There is a lot of stuff at play in a family mix.

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your right there is a lot of family dynamics. it’s not just me. :slight_smile: thanks!