Is yoga effective for mental stability?

I’m thinking of starting yoga… expecting my mental stability. If any of you have tried it, how was/is it?


Exercise helps the brain. It won’t make you stable like the right medication would though.

My psych clinic offers free yoga classes once a week. They say it can help with stress and whatnot. I enjoy it. Haven’t noticed a change in stress, but it gives me something to do and gives me a day of exercise inside instead of walking in the cold.

Yoga is a good exercise. I personally don’t do it I’ve tried it once but a lot of people i know love it and say it is very good meditation for the mind. Id say give it a shot can’t hurt to try right?

No, Yoga is harmful and completely useless as far as mental illness is concerned. I will recommend you to not do it 1515151515

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It can only make you little stress free but can’t help Schizophrenia

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True yoga is more than just doing a set of poses for an hour. By that I mean there is more to yoga than just the physical exercise if you really want to get into it I suggest Yoganada’s book the Autobiography of a Yogi. When done in balance with medication and therapy it cam be beneficial, but I warn having practiced for 27 years it’s not for everyone.