Is wearing contact lenses for blurred vision from abilify a good idea?

:o been doing it for years now i know the side effect is from abilify no matter what dose

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My eyesight are bad too…i am on rispredal 6mg…

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I don’t see the harm, and it lets you cope with a side effect.

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Sup anna…what are u doing…i wish u have a good sleep tonight…

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I’m in my first organic chemistry II class :weary: It’s 3 hours long and my attention span maxes out at 30 mins on a good day. I am glad for notetaking services.

I got pretty good sleep last night because a sleepiness spell hit me and I passed out at 9 pm. I slept until 6 am so that’s about 9 hours.

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I have experience with this. Fist of all , are you short sighted

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APs can cause you to have problems with your eyes taking longer to refocus than normal when you shift your gaze from a distant object to a near one (a problem I had while on Abilify), but they do NOT cause short-sightedness.

Hey ish

no i have problems with my far sight as side effect of abilify very troublesome been living with it for 9 years now

I have to wear contacts now because of Abilify. I had Lasik surgery years ago to get my eyes to perfect, and the moment I started taking Abilify my vision blurred. I went to the eye doctor within a couple of weeks of the problem (I shouldn’t have been driving really) and my vision went to -2.25 thanks to Abilify.

This is troubling to here about, sorry its happening guys. I’m on Abilify and now I’m worried. I got blurry vision while taking Clozapine and ended up needing reading glasses on top of my contact lenses. But almost as soon as I stopped taking the Clozapine it went away.

I get a dsa package for my studies…

I got a package called audio notetaker and a cool mic for my laptop.

I guess I’d use it more if I wasn’t distance learning…

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I had blurred vision due to meds. It lingered for about a year after switching meds, I was worried it was permanent. But it eventually went away. I wore glasses at that time. I still wear glasses though, because I’m nearsighted unrelated to meds. But I see better now.

Do you mean you can see things close up but difficult to see things far away? If you can see close up you are short-sighted.
Anyway , when I took Abilify I had to wear glasses all the time or contacts to see not only far but up close too. If I took my glasses of for a few seconds I’d have to focus on the text for a few seconds to read up close. Then if I moved I’d have to spend another few seconds to stay still and focus

Am I Making sense

I was tempted at the time to go to the eye dr for bifocal contacts and glasses it was very annoying.

lol mine too -2.50

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If blurred vision lasts for more than 1-2 hours in the mornings maybe you can check it up?
Mine is only early mornings and only on geodon abilify was fine. Maybe diabetes ?

I think you should do what you need to do to be able to see, if that means glasses or contacts so be it. It’s not like you’re taking abilify for fun. You kinda need your meds and your eyes.

Antipsychotics can “change” your vision.
I wear glasses but it’s probably unrelated to the meds.

But yes AP’s can cause blurry vision.