Is vraylar available in Canada

The reason why I’m asking is haldol helps for the most part but I get facial tics that really suck and are embarrassing and I’ve heard good things about vraylar

I asked my Dr about it this year, its not available in Canada. I have a link with a list of meds approved in Canada and Vraylar isnt there yet.


Aziz move to the usa for a bit and come try out some vraylar.

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Wish it was that easy. I live with my parents and even if I can live alone it would be hard to get disability in the US, I cant afford paying the meds full price.

I think on SSDI in the US you can leave the country and still collect it. Can you still collect Canadian disability if you leave the country? I’ve heard you can get health insurance for like 300 a month here. I read that vraylar causes restlessness though.

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You can’t here according to my mother, she’s an accountant and helps me in my finances and paperwork.

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Also if you stay outside Canada for 6 months, you lose your health insurance.

You could also try benztropine (Cogentin). That’s what I take. It’s inexpensive and helps a lot

I took cogentin and it made me a zombie I’d as embarrassing as tics are being a zombie ain’t better infact it is worse imo and I’m very subconscious about what other people think of me But thanks for the suggestion it’s appreciated


Why dont you try meds other than Haldol and Vraylar?

I’ve tried perpheazine invega risperidal abilify latuda zyprexa seroquel and none of them helped that much except for abilify maybe I’m stuck on haldol for the rest of my life it’s helped soo much…as long as I remember to take it lol

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Huh. Cogentin doesn’t do that to me. I hope you can get the Vraylar

There is Haldol decanoate which is a monthly injection. You could try that so you don’t have to remember everyday

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You could try calling the company which are making the new medicine such as caplyta , sep 363856 or karxt to check if they have any plans to export to your country after they announce their phase iii trial results maybe.

If abilify fixed your negative symptoms, which a 5ht1a agonist should, then sep 363856 should do that also since it is also a 5ht1a agonist. They are currently investigating taar1 agonist effects on negative symptoms. Caplyta should help with negative symptoms a bit since it affects glutamate

I am planning to call sunovion after they release their phase iii results to ask if they are exporting to my country

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I think it improved my negative symptoms maybe bcz its a partial dopamine agonist and doesnt fully block dopamine.

Can you get Aristada? I did well on that and it helped me get stable

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Can you try calling the companies and check?at least you will be doing something for yourself.

I checked with the medical approval board on my side, looks like they are not in control of whether the companies export to my country as they have to wait for them to fill a form to import the medicine into my country

Are you talking to Aziz? Abilify made him compulsive in gambling

No. Talking to OP.

I don’t think that’s available in Canada either plus I heard it’s just abilify in a longer form and I take abilify maintaina and it does basically nothing tbh