Is this too much medication? Invega, Risperdal

I have a question. I was recently discharged from the local psych hospital. They gave me the intramuscular shot of Invega Sustenna. Twice while at the hospital. They also have me taking 2mg of Risperdal 2 times per day, morning and night. I don’t know if these are dangerous doses of medications to take. 4mg risperdal a day WITH Invega? A doctor told me that Invega (Paliperidone) is very similar to Risperidone, though, and that that’s why they work together.

How much Invega are you taking?

They didn’t tell me the dosage while I was in the hospital…

Don’t worry, they won’t give you a lethal dose. Some here are or were on 3x the max dose.

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Don’t be scared of taking that dose it’s just in the middle range.

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