Is this sz or ocd?

i am most of the time a mellowed out sz, but on occasion i get obsessed by a little thing like a mark on a painting, or how furniture is arrranged. this can annoy me for an hour or a week , it drives me insane !
i am not mr. neat , i barely wash, the ute is covered in my staffys dog hair, so my question is how come i suddenly get obsessed ?.
is this my ocd (which can be bad ) or is this a sz thing which you guys may experience too.
take care

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I’ll fixate on something and I can’t let it go. Your right, it’s not a “neat” thing. my brain is convinced that something needs to be a certain way for everything to be OK again. I re-arrange the books all the time… by size, or by author, then I’ll rearrange them by subject, after that I’ll rearrange them alphabetically by title, an on and on we go.

I can’t stop myself around little boxes. If there is shop with a display of little boxes I HAVE to open ALL of them. I can’t help it. I try not to. I have to open every single box. Big boxes, I’m fine. I can pass big boxes. But small ones? If someone closes them while I’m opening them, I just have to open them again.

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There was a time I was writing a thesis to study the visual memory performance of people with sz.

One of the observations was that, they tend to do the same thing again and again and again for no reason, like they can’t stop. The name of this phenomenon is perseverance. I think it is related to the functioning of the brain. I persevere in my own way. I job search. :sweat:



I think that is much more like typically OCD behavior than sz. OCD is classified as an anxiety disorder - and there are lots of treatments for it - from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to anti-anxiety meds.

I’ve talked to researchers and they say anxiety is the number one problem that they see with people who have schizophrenia.

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I recently read that there is a significant statistic of people with SZ also having OCD or OCS (Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms). It said around 50% of ppl with SZ have OCS; around 10 to 20% have OCD. I don’t have the source, but I think they are the only website to use the term OCS.

It seems to me that at 50%, Obsessive Compulsive should be a symptom of SZ. Though my therapist did say that obsessions were a very common SZ symptom, so maybe it’s assumed but not official? IDK.

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Here is one article on the prevelance of OCD with schizophrenia:

"In the schizophrenic population, the reported prevalence of clinically significant OCS and of OCD ranges from 10% to 52% and from 7.8% to 26%, respectively -

See more at:

Here are Tips on how to Treat your OCD (when you also have schizophrenia):

6 Practical Tips for Treating Schizophrenia Comorbid With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - See more at:

thanks for everyones replys , being on this site i have had so much insight into what we all suffer from , when everyone talks about their stuff it makes me feel more normal.
thanks SzAdmin for the links all information is gratefully recieved .
my wife finds it very interesting also as she has basically been my carer, especially when i go on a journey in to the stars !
take care

A lot of folk would suggest you get an opinion from your psychiatrist, but at the same time most psychiatrists suffer from what I call OCCD, which stands for Obsessive Compulsive Certainty Disorder.

For instance, Martha Beall Mitchell was diagnosed, with absolute certainty by the doctors, as a woman who could not tell the difference between fact and fiction, in other words a woman that was totally detached from reality.


However, later on after the Watergate tapes made it into the media, suddenly Martha Beall Mitchell was taken off the “CRAZY” list due to the tapes verifying the most extreme of that she spoke of being actual truth rather than being fiction.

Thus a psychiatrist may ruin your life, be it for a short time period, or permanently, but the psychiatrist his or herself is permanently off the hook.

If a psychiatrist is in a delusional state of mind, and thus judges the true words of the patient as words of pure fiction, today this is simply classified as the “Martha Mitchell effect”. Thus the psychiatrist can simply say that he or she simply made a “Martha Mitchell effect” booboo, and that’s the end of that. Thus they can ruin your life, but you can not ruin theirs.


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i had this happen to me. i told him i was raped by a famous person and he diagnosed me on that basis. he was very surprised when my dr verified my scars (vaginal and facial) and retracted his diagnosis and changed it to severe post traumatic stress with schizophrenic symptoms. i haven’t told my present psychiatrist who it was that raped me when i was 15 years old. i won’t b going down that road again in a hurry. it’s like just because u hear voices, u must b delusional, even though i have the scars to prove it. :frowning:

i am very sorry that happened to you.
take care