I don't like this obsession

Is having an obsession a schizophrenia thing?

It’s someone that’s been on the news that has to do with the government. Everyone has interests. But I wish I didn’t think of them so often and seems out of my control. I don’t think I’ll end up with them or anything. But it annoys me and I can’t stop.

and yes I have schizophrenia and on medication. I’m afraid of the medication which is why I can’t increase it. Will probably make another post in more detail


obsessions can be - a schizophrenic thing - our interests get mixed up with non essential details… sometimes - i is something we cant really control…
but it could also just be a healthy dose of caring about other things…
there is actually documented facts about how schizophrenic minds find certain details interesting that should not be and vice versa…
more info would be needed to make a calculated guess though…

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Im not sure. I would like to know too as i have obsessions with the police and government related matters. And the hands. Its constantly in my head and feels like scrambled eggs. I dont know if i have sz. They are saying ptsd with physcotic features but i have been diagnosed sz before. Sometimes i feel like im convincing myself im ill but i dont feel ill if that makes sense.

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Ocd behavior is quite common with schizophrenics…both previous and after diagnosis.

Ocd is serious stuff. It impacts on your function and that is a major concern. If it affects your function to a degree it often means that medications can help things…but you need the proper medical help!

Let your shrink know what is going on. CBT therapy may help but meds are a solid go to!


Thanks for your responses. I was seeing a therapist for awhile but I could never bring this up. I wouldn’t want it on my record. I’m trying to get it to a healthy level. I think at least I’m self aware