Is this my new normal?

I slept through the day today and didn’t get a chance to wake up. This has happened twice now. The phone rings but I don’t think, “I need to get up”. My hours will forever be out of kilter. Some days i do like I’ve a nine to five job, but no more than half the time. It worries me: is this age related? Is it depression? Is this my new normal?


It could be all those things or even medicine side effects, best to speak with your pdoc on the issue.


I had this last two weeks but Im back to normal hours now. For me its mostly a winter issue due to less light.

Try setting an alarm for a couple of hours before what ever time you woke up today, and then do the same thing tomorrow getting earlier and earlier.

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you seem to take alot of AP or high doses you should tell your doctor so he lower your doses
becoz the high sedation you r in

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