Difficulty awakening

For about 15 months, when I get up in the morning I awaken to the alarm. I take my meds, shower, and eat breakfast. If I have precisely 15 minutes before I must leave the apartment, I lie back down for those exact 15 minutes.
Now if I have the day off from work, I only awaken when I must (for an appointment). I undergo the same routine.
Now what happens if I don’t have anything scheduled? I just continue to sleep or rest, and sometimes I don’t get up at all until late in the afternoon.
This is most disconcerting and leaves me feeling depressed. After a few hours I feel back to normal.

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Can you find something to do on your day off? Maybe go to the library?

I have discussed this over and over with professionals that I see and with my family. We have made exhaustive lists of things to do. I try to schedule some things. I don’t know what more is expected of me.
I think this is a form of suffering, for whatever reason.

Perhaps maybe meds leave you needing too much sleep.

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