Is this mood issue related to schizoaffective? How do I treat it?

I’m trying to figure out if I need any more medications. I have the bipolar type of schizoaffective, so my psychiatrist has been wary about putting me on SSRI’s or anti-depressants. I tried Vyvanse and that helped with focus and attention but not with mood and flat affect. I’m also nervous that if I get on anti-depressants I’ll slowly become worse. I’ve been thinking of asking about Lexapro because it makes me lose weight and have a better sex drive. It also makes me more social and happier. The only thing is, I had a friend betray me who was on it and is acting psychotic and he just got put on Lexapro for depression. So I’m scared to take it now. And the past three days I’ve been adjusting to things. I haven’t been sleeping as well so I started taking 30 mgs of Abilify again since I was on 15mgs to see if it would work better but it just made me more irritable to be on less Abilify.

I just want normal moods!! I have always been distant and dealing with either mania or flat affect and for once I just want to know how it feels to empathize and feel well.

Maybe I should take Vitamins instead or St. John’s Wort alongside my medication. I think that’s what I’ll do.

Hi @StarryNight I have SZA bipolar type also, and my depression was pretty bad. My doctor put me on Lamictal, it is an antidepressant type mood stabilizer - acts like an antidepressant and anti manic to some degree. Maybe you can ask him or her about it. I cannot take antidepressants as they will destabilize me. I am pretty sure bipolar types can take Paxil as well, as it is less likely to cause mania than others. Wellbutrin is another one - good luck to you

Thanks. I will ask about Paxil. I’m allergic to Lamictal it gave me the face rash which is a rare sign of a fatal side effect.

I am on Lexapro20mg from my perspective you have nothing to worry about it causes absolutely no side effects for me and its extremely effective in treating depression I went from being severely depressed to no depression at all zip zero. So you have a good change of not having any side effects at all look Lexapro up there is not many side effects from it it is one antidepressant unlike others that have a complete page of side effects you know. So I if I were you I would give it a good shot and let us know how it works or if there is a chance it wont work everyone of us is different your friend may had had a reaction to it that doesn’t mean you will everyone’s body responds differently to different meds than others. Good luck and let us know if you decide to give Lexapro a try also I have been on it for 11 years with no problems at all @StarryNight