Lexapro and Mania

Antidepressants are not usually good for bipolar disorder (which I have in addition to schizophrenia). My psychiatrist wants to maybe start me on lexapro. Last time I had lexapro I shot into mania and was awake for two weeks. But I also wasn’t on a mood stabilizer. Anyone take lexapro? Did you like it? Do you have mania?

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I used to be on Lexapro for anxiety but I’ve never had mania.

I just started Lexapro last night. I have schizoaffective bipolar type. I also take a mood stabilizer (Lithium) and an antipsychotic (Invega Sustenna). I’m hoping I don’t go manic on Lexapro.

My diagnosis is paranoid Schizophrenia. Last March and April I was seriously depressed and suicidal. My pdoc put me on Lexapro, and I came out of it. I stopped taking the Lexapro and am doing fine most days.

When I was on Lexapro the same thing happened to me, I was manic for around two weeks as well.

Lexspro made me sucidal