Is this mild OCD?

When I play guitar and are done playing, I have to play something that “feels right” before I put it away. Usually just a few notes. I don’t know why I need to do this. Not too annoying though.

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Yes anytime you have to do something that “feels right” it is probably OCD. To stop it just stop doing that and the compulsion will go away eventually.

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I used to have to check if my door was locked about 10 times before I went to bed. I forced myself to stop doing it so I believe what you say. The things I have now is the guitar thing, and also checking if the oven and other electronics is off before going to bed. The oven thing I don’t think I want to even quit doing, as it’s kind of good practice, in a way.


My hobbies are OCD? Really?

Checking once that electrical appliances are off before you sleep or leave the house is a good idea, but more than that is maybe a sign you don’t trust your memory. Maybe that is part of what ocd can be, a lack of trust in memory.

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I phrased it bad but I mean something like “check the dials on the oven over and over until it feels right”.

If you feel like you have to do something and if you don’t do it, bad things will happen to you, then this could mean OCD. Compulsions

Yeah I check it about 3-4 times. I probably don’t trust my memory. Could be the medications also affecting my memory, and not only OCD. It’s kind of annoying with the oven but it’s maybe a thing where OCD like behavior is not the worst.

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…or you’re married. Not kidding.


Could be.
I check stuff a lot. And i do it in some sort of sequence or it doesnt feel right and i must start over.

So i could check the taps anywhere from 3 to 30 times. Generally in 3s.

I have gotten into a weird checking thing with my vehicle where i turn things off that are already off , slightly lower the dimmer then run my finger to the top of inside windows to check there closed then press on door lock then i do all that outside the vehicle.

If i wasnt being present for it i must go back and do it again.

And various other checking nonsense.

I can usually tame it for a bit but when things get busy it just creeps back in

Id consider this mild as its not debilitating but just super annoying.

Usually if i dont satisfy the compulsion its not that i think anything bad will happen but its more

“if you dont check this right then you will think about it for the rest of the day until you go back and check it”

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I think it could be beneficial to talk with a psychologist about ocd. Because it’s about letting the right thoughts win when considering a matter.

Like just today a thought in the back of my mind said I forgot to close and lock my front door after leaving home, but I retaliated the thought by thinking I don’t remember it because it’s ingrained routine, and if I forgot something like that I would surely remember it. And I guess it’s also about letting a one in a million chance slide to be able to live constructively.

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Yeah my psych gave me an ocd workbook to help deal with it. It has been helpful. Especially with Harm ocd. A lot of it is disarming it. Easier said than done though

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