Anybody with OCD?

I’ve noticed I HAVE to count to 30 when washing my hands and when I’m in the shower washing my hair I have to count to 30 and when washing my armpits I count to 20…

Idk if this is a light case of OCD… it didn’t start till after I was diagnosed with schizophrenia tho so…


I have an OCD diagnosis, so here’s my two cents. I think it’s safe to assume that everyone has some obsessive compulsive traits. That’s the joke, right? “I have to fold my towels just right because I’m so OCD!” The operative word in OCD is disorder. If you’re bothered by it then definitely talk to your psychiatrist about it! I think it is a spectrum, and even for me it gets better when I’m under less stress in life. When it is bad it is really bad. It takes up darn near every waking thought.

Don’t let me or anybody else tell you that it isn’t worth seeking treatment, because only you know how much it is effecting you. Even if it doesn’t seem as bad as the worst cases, such as someone who washes their hands 100 times a day with steaming hot water to kill the germs, who’s to say it doesn’t effect you.

It’s between you and your psychiatrist if treatment is needed or even wanted. Good luck!


I have OCD, but it mostly pertains to using the internet. Like for example shopping for things you don’t really need or pretend shopping.

I have ocd.

I check things usually in sets of 3.

Water taps i will tap the top of the handle 3 to 24 times then ill tap underneath the water spout once to finish it.

If i didnt pay attention i start again.

Then i count 1 2 3 4 checking stove handles. Might do that 3 times.

Then i do the kitchen tap even though i can see its off.

Then i can prob get out of the house. I do this everyday.

The other current one is my car.

Ill lock doors, turn light knob off even though its off already. Touch the dimmer even though its off.

Then get out close door. Run finger from bottom of window to top. Then look inside window to see its locked. Then i walk around and do the otherside.

Then ill walk away and forget if i did it correctly and then do it all again anywhere from 1 to 6 times.

Ocd is annoying as heck.

Ive tried cbt to stop it but it never lasts

The problem is my brain tells me ill think about it until i do it “right” so i just keep doing it to appease it.

Thats the core of ocd its about a “right feeling”


What strikes me as odd is that you spend roughly the same amount of time on washing hair or hands. I spend much more time on hair than I do on hands. I don’t count though, but I don’t find counting too peculiar.

One thing I find is if I have anything pressing coming up like an event or something my ocd ramps up a notch. Its probably stress related.

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I had ocd during anorexia phase.

Maybe related to a control element of anorexia in the brain

Some of my habits…

Every time I sat cross legged I had to pull up my trousers like 5 times as I was afraid that the crotch part would split.

When closing the fridge I’d tap it several times to ensure it was properly closed.

When closing a door I’d tap it several times to ensure it was closed.

I’d even come back to the door sometimes to double check again with the tapping.

It’s such an exhausting condition.

That’s how I would describe it.

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Yes I had this aswell.

One thing that eventually helped or sometimes helped me was

When I close a door, close it slowly, carefully, attentively with my ears listening carefully and eyes watching observantly. That way my ocd excuse of… Did u do it properly though? Is less likely to intrude my mind. It just eventually reduced the repetiveness amount but also that maaay have been when I was gaining weight again so the controlling thing may have just been lessening.

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Yes i try my best to do this. Sometimes my attention span of a goldfish tends to miss it though lol

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I don’t have ocd. I used to think I have it but now I am sure I don’t.


I was diagnosed with OCD by my current psychiatrist.
I’ve had it all my life, my dad has it too.

I am currently receiving effective treatment for OCD and have no bothersome symptoms at the moment that bother me. I have noticed other people sometimes losing patience with me.

i have little ocd

i count steps stairs my weight every time i use the rest room

i check my sugar 4 times a day even though im not on insulin

i also check the doors are closed and locked several times a night

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