Dear line of dirt that wont go into the dustpan,

I hate you with every fiber of my soul.


I count things. If only I was the cleaning type OCD and not the counting type…I wouldn’t make such a mess.


@Reggie Better you should hate it with every fiber of your dust broom. :wink:


i have checking ocd. its so annoying.

it ranges from , checking the faucet when im done. either tapping underneath or tapping the handle down 3 times or 6 times or 9 times or 12 times… mainly in 3s.

same thing with checking locks.

god forbid if im preoccupied with my thoughts when i do these rituals and then ‘forget’ if i did them. then i have to go back and do again to make sure i got it.

and ill just have this cringing feeling that feels like its going to nag at me forever to check.

it gets worse when i have a big event or something important going on, or stress.

fun stuff! :smile:


I have CDO - Its like OCD but the letters are in the correct order

I think everyone has slight OCD to a point. I have to check my school and gym bags 3 times each and then I’m still not satisfied :smile:

I think it’s more like perfectionism for me.
When I have to memorize every single word of a textbook or else I’m a failure.
Or check everything twice because “someone” else moved it.
Idk, it gets tiring :head_bandage:


I am pretty sure that I suffer with Pure - O
Mainly obsessions with few compulsions.

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I have problems with obsessionality. High dose fluoxetine helped a lot.


I was recently diagnosed with pure-o. Mental compulsions.


My mom has the cleaning ocd…i USTA get upset at her when I would do my chores only to discover her doing them all over again later…I thought I wasnt doing them right…but I later learned she has true ocd and its just how she functions…


I count things too. I try to make my brain stop it, but it never does.
Counting steps when walking, chews when eating, chops when chopping food, or counting nothing at all.
How do you cope with this?
I never knew this was a symptom of OCD.

I dunno how to cope with it. I count in 3,12 and 15s. I count while walking a lot. The worst I did was count the syllables and letters in a sentence. Say “I went to the store”. That’s 5 syllables 15 letters, and its divisible so it was a “perfect sentence”. I did this for years. I count lamppoles while driving too and trees and stuff.


If you clean your vacuum cleaner, do you then become a vacuum cleaner?


my friend has ocd so i pay her to clean my toilet and my landing but she made a mess of the windows :frowning: but i think i am doing a good thing

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