OCD when I was younger

I used to have strange urges, mostly when I was a child, to do things an even amount of times. Or I would have to put on and tie my shoes on in a certain order. Or when I got down the stairs in our old house I would have to spin in a circle to “unwind” myself like I was a yo yo.

I have mostly grown out of these habits but occasionally, I still get the urge to do something illogical.

Anyone else have these types of habits/urges and/or want to share some?

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I have restless leg syndrome where I bounce my knees sitting down…I pace back and forth from one foot to the other when standing and not paying attention.

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I have to check and recheck that I have done things a lot.

I organize my food as I eat. I also have a specific order to how tthings go on a plate when I am serving meals.


I have checking ocd.

I tap the water taps to check that there off in various ways.

Either tap the top handle in 3s, it could be anywhere from 3 to 30 times.

Then theres the latest ones. The car checks.

Ill tap the top of the window then slide my finger down to the bottom of the window. Press the lock. Do the other window same thing.

Turn test the light switch even tho its off. Unclick other cords.

And if i wasnt present doing it i gotta go back and do it all again.

Sometimes ive done it like 6 times. Ill do it all then start walking to the house then turn around and go back and do it again.

I used to check baseboard heater as a kid a lot. And also the taps. I broke the tap handles from checking so much lol.

Ocd is annoying for sure!

And ive tried to stop it all with short succession but it usually reverts eventually

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oh what’s that movie where the character has severe OCD? I want to say matchstick men but I think that’s an action flick…the name is similar to that.

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The aviator with howard hughes had ocd

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on second thought, I think that is the name of the movie.

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I think mine were from excess dopamine. They disappeared on meds.

I remember when I went off meds they came back and I looked crazy. I would walk on the side walk block by block even if I had to jump.

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I have always had some odd impulsive behaviors. The diagnoses went
Age 5: OCD
Age 11: tourrettes
Age 14: depression and anxiety
Age 23: psychosis
Age 25: schizophrenia
Age 31: sensory processing disorder
Age 33: Ehlers Danlos

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I also remember when I went off meds I would make the cross sign like 100x a day.

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Invega gave me ocd in the form of intrusive thoughts honestly i suffer more from it than schizophrenia these days

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