Is this life just a practice run?


Or are we being weeded out to get to the next level?


I think we are here to get better to become whole or holy… I think it ‘hell’ to be stuck like this… Psychosis/hell fills the spaces where positive action is not taken


i believe we choose our lives before we come down, but then we forget…
pain equals learning equals wisdom equals enlightenment.
take care
p.s. i am still working through the pain phase.i was over enthusiatic when ticking all the boxes obviously i had ocd before i came down.
take care



The knowledge of wrong things.


I’m not banking on anything like that. I’m not going to live this life like that. That’s just an invitation to give up trying. There is no guarantee or evidence that we have another life after this one. You (or I) better live this life like it’s the only shot we get. I don’t believe this is a dress rehearsal for something better.


I don’t know why but for some reason I deeply believe in reincarnation. But that’s no reason to waste any life I’m lucky enough to live. I have to do my best with each life I’m given.


I do believe life is a test, and you do your best to get to the next level, and you succeed by being nice, nice to al the people you meet.


I belive in reincarnation. You have to do your best in this life because you’re here to learn something. Knowledge you’ll need in your next life.


I hope there is an afterlife. It’s sort of Christian to think that if you suffer unjustly in this life you will be rewarded in the next. I think all schizophrenics, or anybody who suffers from a mental illness in this life should be rewarded with a heavenly existence in the next life. But there are a lot of other people too who suffer unjustly, who I hope are rewarded with a heavenly afterlife. The problem is, I think God might be so merciful in the afterlife, that everyone will get in to heaven.