Is this forum scary to you?

Do you feel loved here?

I do not feel loved nor hated, this is a good forum. We are just digital beings writing to a database that is located in America I suppose. Today I am feeling a little depressed. This is the only social media I use except Twitter. I have this paranoia about using Facebook and other social media.

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But someone might know you one day. Isn’t it scary

Everything in life is a risk…

In the 1990s when I was in America I used the Internet much more, thousands of people knew me, but then I became ill and I stopped my internet activities. I know that we are followed by some people who have our telephone numbers and some other personal data, maybe this is paranoia too.

I think you should be catious on every site. And If youre impulsive you shouldnt write like 10 threads a Day.

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I’m going to go out on a limb, maybe it’s not wise to post a selfie on the web. This forum doesn’t scare me. People here have a lot of empathy. If you want to see a scary website, go to

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Nah. I collect accounts receivable at work. Have had people threaten to punch my lights out. Meet them in real life and they’re pussies who don’t back up their “bravery” on the phone.

Yeah I will eventually delete mine.

I’m not worried about being hacked or observed. This forum is a really helpful place for me, it gives me a home base while I surf the web and do other stuff on my laptop. The forum is always tab 1 all the way to the left.

I dont care who knows me or what I look like anymore. I already feel like everyones watching me anyway like whats the harm.

Only thing is I worry about job prospects finding out. That could be bad

I wasn’t trying to attack anyone in particular. I just have never and would never post a pic of myself online. Regardless of the website, once it’s uploaded it’s there forever. Of course I did post a pic of my personal fleet vehicle earlier, so I may be a hypocrite. :thinking:

It is when there are sex threads or people insulting each other. :roll_eyes:

What if the forum comes to life when you fall asleep with it open on your browser, and then it tries to eat you! :open_mouth:

The only thing scary about this forum is believing in our own stigma - that if we met on the street, we’d be in trouble.

Good God, it’s like I’m wandering into the dark web again …

No. I don’t feel loved here. I only feel known and supported somewhat. This forum is not scary.

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It’s comfortable here because I don’t have to act normal,
but it’s not like something called “loved”
when I see some topic, that I used to scared to talk about in other place
but here you can talk about it when I see other people post and got support
it just feel like it’s okay If I’m hurt and say I’m hurt
and not feel alone, there’s a lot of people who can relate illness I’m going through
I’m scared to be anywhere
because once anyone know my illness they will just completely change
scared, disgusted, hated, pity
so being here I don’t have to be worry much, because almost everyone have schizo here


No not really. I mean I get attacked or picked on occasionally but no one really has it out for me or anything.

I don’t think I’m actually “loved” but I would say many people on here have cared for my welfare. Many, many, many times in fact.

I don’t expect to be loved but I feel liked and respected lots of the time, my sense of humor may diminish some of the respect I get from people but I can’t help it, lol. I don’t expect to be respected or liked all the time (though it would be nice). I get enough respect and compliments and “thanks” from people to feel pretty good about myself and in turn, it makes me more respectful of other people and makes me want to help or make other people feel good in turn.

When it comes to the chance that I give too much info or stuff like that all I can say is I’ve been on here for years and it hasn’t hurt me.

Today, I flipped someone off in another car in front of me for looking at me in his mirror and I laughed at a couple of big teenagers at the bus stop because they were dressed funny.

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I don’t approach this forum any difference to other things in my life. I’d like to think to most i’m pretty warm and such but this is online and it’s easy to become a meme of yourself online. As it’s relatively anonymous it’s hard to make friends and influence people but many here I’d feel friendly towards. It’s an interesting thing this internet. It really has changed the way society functions.

Scary. No.