Does sz or a psychotic illness cause ocd like symptoms

I get so obsessed about stuff. I have a real bad obsession with the police.I can’t control my thoughts about them. Also with cutting the hands off and can’t think about anything else.

Pdoc said it was compulsive thoughts.

Do you experince this? What’s your diagnosis.

They know I have psychosis (even though I disagree I’m psychotic at this present time) but not sure what illness it is.

Paranoid schizophrenia.

Not diagnosed till 29 after a psychotic break.

Years of history with weird ocd behavior. It fits the profile…Seriously. Take the meds they give you it’ll help.

It’s not normal and that is the key. I thought some seriously weird stuff but survived for a while…you just end up hitting the system very hard!

Obsession isn’t normal and that is the key!

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It’s like it consumes me and I have to act on it as if an external force is driving it. Even when I’m writing this now I’m thinking of ways to remove the hands. Feels like a merry go round going round and round.

I am in hospital right now with a nurse at all times with me. Also they have forcibly injected me with long acting olanzipine. I have a cast on because when I tried to cut the hand off someone caught me and then I took the stitches out and tried to infect it

I don’t believe I’m physcosis now. I thiink I have had it in the past though.I do feel weit’s about them saying.I know they’re not my hands and I know the police have them.

Dont’ do anything silly…it’s your brain malfunctioning and most of us have been there.

It’s not normal that is the key. Normal folk don’t want to cut their hands off…as to the cops…seriously…they aren’t interested in you unless they take you to the ward.

It’s obsessional to the extreme and that is the danger.! Normal folk don’t want to cut off their hands…isn’t that a flag?

Seriously. It’s a problem with your brain…it’s not the cops…it’s not your hands…its’ your brain going silly…trust me…I did some silly stuff whilst suffering…glad I didnt’ act on most of it!

People have given me heaps of lectures about The hands but it distress me so much I have to do something about them. I come on this site because it helps to ground me and I can talk to people who somewhat understand but I still know the truth and no matter how much meds they force me to take it will get them off. Sorry if I have offended you or other people I just want to talk to someone whow understands.

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I’m trying to figure out what’s disabling me so much. I know I have complex ptsd but I’m asking questions on here to see if I really am in physcosis but then I start to think the police are running this site to trick me

If I don’t remove the hands soon and break into the police station and get my hands back then it’s gonna be stuffed. I’m so conflicted.