Is this a sign of illness?


If a person become totally obsessed with reading about mental disorders (especially SZ/SZA) and spent nights and nights without sleep completely absorbed by thoughts on SZ/SZA - about if the person actually has the illness or if they are faking it. He has 30 tapes opened up all on SZ/SZA and his thoughts are racing. Would this person be unwell or is this what normal do?


If you’re asking whether someone can will himself to develop schizophrenia, the answer is no, unless he starts taking recreational drugs in a destructive fashion, then maybe yes.


No this person already has Dx of SZA but becomes obsessed with the Dx, - if he has it or not so reads every bit literature on it totally consumed thinking he hasn’t got it.


He clearly wants to overcome the illness. I was obsessed about schizophrenia cures until I found something that worked without side effects, Niacin. Maybe he will stumble across something that works for him.


I think its normal. It just shows that the person is very sad he has sz and wants to get rid of it and works hard to acheve it.


I read everything I can about it.some of the information is useless though.


Speaking as someone who goes through similar, but just not quite as bad, I would say it’s not exactly normal. For me it’s not whether I’m faking it though , but wondering whether I’m really mentally ill or just socially dysfunctional.
I have these thoughts despite a part of me saying ‘Would you really have been under psychiatric care for nearly 45 years if you were just socially dysfunctional?’


I’m glad I’m not alone - but sorry you go through similar.

I can’t seem to comprehend I have SZA. I am convinced I am faking it and think my pdoc does too despite him constantly putting me on a CTO. I’m worried about asking him directly because I’m worried about his response. I have asked my community nurse and he reassures me that I’m not faking it and that I have catastrophic thinking.


Lack of insight is part of the disease.


I know from experience that’s very hard to deal with.


I constantly question if I have a severe mental illness.
Denial is part of the disorder.


I take online tests over and over again hoping it tells me I’m fine but I never am.


Is it outright denial though or doubt? Like being fat and saying you’re not vs wondering whether you are or not ,ie you are uncertain.


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