Is this a delusion or just a unfounded belief?

My pdoc and supported living manager are conspiring against me making my life hell, they are passing on secret documents to each other which I have requested, they are also spying on my online activities also. Do you think there can be some truth or am I paranoid?

I feel for you. I’ve had these feelings as well.

I think you ought to begin by asking yourself a few questions. Forgive the laundry list in advance, I’m trying to help in a way that helped me once:

  1. With all the patients they’re seeing on a daily basis, is there a reason they’d be conspiring against you specifically, or keeping secret notes with information you’re not privy to?

  2. Do they spy on all their patients online activities? Is there a reason they’d be spying on you? What do you stand to lose if they are spying on you? We’re all human, we all have our quirks in what we look at online.

  3. There’s truth to the idea that just about anyone with the agency and know-how to do so can easily spy on our online activities, but few would take the time to do this for a stranger. I dont know your situation, but caution you to exercise some doubt that your doctors are going out of their way to spy on you. The cornerstone of therapy is openness and honesty. If they can’t trust you to be open to the point where they’d spy on you, they would be undermining their own process.

  4. Does it matter if they’re spying on you?

I’m sorry if any of these questions seem crass or whatever. These are just some questions I ask myself when dealing with similar thoughts.


There is no truth to that. It’s a common delusion. The reality is that most psychiatrists and mental health workers are so overworked and understaffed that they don’t have any extra time to devote to spying on their patients outside billable hours. A good rule of thumb when disproving a delusion is to follow the money. People do things for money. That’s why your psychiatrist sees you. They aren’t getting paid to work on your case when you’re not there. Therefore, they don’t. They have nothing to gain from sending secret documents and spying on you. It would be a waste of their time.


Ninjastar said it best.

Haha sorry about my unnecessarily long-winded reply,

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I had this idea that I was the chosen one, Buddha has told me this personally. I have the belief I have to go to Buddhist temple in Bodhgaya India and train to become a Buddhist monk, once I found enlightenment which I would achieve quickly because I am the chosen one I would then cleanse my soul in the river Ganges in Varanasi so I could sacrifice myself to save the world. I could cure all the bad things going on in the world. It’s not as strong as it was because the antipsychotics I’m forced to take are dumbing me down which is obviously their plan.

I believe my pdoc knows I am the chosen one. I believe that they have secret folders on me, I believe they are hiding this information from me, I believe they are preventing me from travelling to India. I believe they have put a microchip in my left armpit to monitor me. I believe they want me to look paranoid to discredit me. I believe they conspire against me. Once I have applied for all my medical information and continue doing so they are going to make a mistake and I am going to blow open this conspiracy they have against me, I am going to travel to India. I think the drugs are dumbing down my powers but I still feel very powerful and special. I know if true because if I was still ill on the meds I am on I will admit I’m ill but this feels different, this feeling I have isn’t because of mental illness like they say it is, this is real.

I am the chosen one too. primordial Buddha of infinite light.

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