Is this a bad idea meeting at my house first date

I live with my whole family he said he didn’t mind and the only reason why I even mentioned it is because he’s known to my mothers friend. I trust her.

sounds very brave of him to come to the lions den. i like him already.


Will your family be home?

I’ve done it before with someone I met online, but only after emailing/texting for a bit. Of course, I’m paranoid, so I kept a steak knife hidden in a place I could quickly get to. It turned out fine.


Yes they’ll all be there poor guy lol

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I think that its fine, especially if your family will be there.

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I hate to use a cliché, but I believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In this day and age I don’t think it is a good idea to meet a first date at your home.

It depends. Are you planning on spending the whole date there or are you just going to meet there and then go out? Because I don’t see anything wrong with picking a girl up on a first date to take her out and meeting her family. I did it once and it went fine. They even invited me to have dinner with them which I politely declined.

It sounds safe enough with your entire family there, but I’d never suggest something like that if you were living alone.

Yes, definitely have him come over, just so they don’t say things like “Oh you two are so cute,” that might be a little too early for that.

Isn’t it kinda weird for you to expose yourself like that to a stranger? did he come? what happened?! TELL US!!! :laughing:

I guess. I spoke to him on the phone 40 mins we decided to meet at a public place because he wasn’t in reality comfortable with the idea. So tomorrow :smile:

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Good luck. :heart:

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i did before. but it was a hookup date. so it was different

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I’m so nervous what if he sees me and run a mile.

Come onnnnnnnn you’re gorgeous! Tell us what happened?!

Unfortunately he isn’t a Citizen here and I guess he was after mine

Did you talk to him about it? I’m curious now, is he really after a visa?

Its blatantly obvious to me

Well that is a bummer. Throw him back, there are other guys in the world.

Or you could have fun with it. Act like a total psycho and see how much he is willing to put up with to get that visa!