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So I mentioned I’ve been seeing this guy and I mentioned in one of our text conversations that we were dating and he said it sounded really good and now he wants to bring me to dinner with his family. But we’ve only been on one official date! And several unofficial dates and we text constantly so there’s that. Anyways I can’t figure out if he thinks I’m his girlfriend or not. I’m just surprised he’s bringing me to dinner with family so early. I’m not against it I’m just confused.


He’s probably seeing that as another date. If you’re not against it that’s great. Maybe he’s got a nice family he wants to show off to you.

Just make sure you’re very complimentary about his family afterwards even if you hated them :wink:


He must really like you! :slight_smile:


My now-husband brought me to dinner with his parents early on in our relationship. Some people just do that. It’s actually a good sign that he’s close to his family, and also that he wants you all to meet each other. It’s a good thing.
Please remember that you are half of what makes the relationship whole. It’s ok to ask direct questions and to be direct in how you feel and where you’re at in the relationship. You can say that meeting his parents is a big deal to you and that it means you two are boyfriend/girlfriend, but if it doesn’t mean that to him then you need to know.
I’m happy for you, @Anna. I hope you let yourself be happy.


My Mom was a great cook. My family was inclusive rather than exclusive. We often had folks we barely knew at the dinner table.

Dinner was a good deal at my house.


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