Is there is no place on earth for me?

I’ve posted my article on the MD community group.
Someone has replied, “Psychosis is dangerous. If they take their medication, I could give them a chance. If they don’t, then I won’t.”

So okay, so I’m not accepted anywhere because I’m mentally ill. Ok.

Not a single place on this earth is safe. Not even one.

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I used to feel horrible when people would call those with psychosis dangerous as well. I always thought I’m not a danger to anyone even when I’m super psychotic! Which was true, I was just terrified of everything while psychotic and couldn’t harm a fly. However at my recent psych rotation for nursing school at a state mental hospital, I learned there that unfortunately my experience of psychosis is not true for everyone. The truth is psychosis CAN be dangerous. It can lead people to do very stupid things. It can be dangerous for the person with psychosis when they do things like wander around and jump in rivers or off buildings or go to sketchy areas because they dont know what they’re doing. It can be dangerous to other people when they are paranoid and lash out in self defense. I think people with psychosis do not MEAN to be dangerous, and I do not think they are violent. They are just scared and confused. I think most situations where people with psychosis become violent could be avoided if the public were educated on what psychosis looks like and how to respond to it, as again from all the cases I saw the only reason why the psychotic person became violent is because someone was getting all up in their face about trespassing and scaring them or a police offer was trying to restrain them and drag them away and they had no idea what was going on in either situation.

So yes it is sad that those of us who do not become violent or dangerous when psychotic are lumped in with those who do, but we can’t deny that psychosis itself CAN BE dangerous and there are people who struggle with that experience who feel very bad about what they’ve done and who they have hurt. Many have harmed family members while psychotic because they thought they were trying to kill them. So I can understand that person’s sentiment, and I can understand not wanting to interact with a psychotic person unless they are compliant with meds. Dealing with psychotic people who refuse meds can be extremely challenging, I have witnessed this firsthand now.

Yeah, that is true. When I was psychotic, I was never dangerous. I was rather scared of people.
I’m so done with this world. So done.
I’m just fed up with my existence.

I’m sorry you feel that way, it can be hard when you feel like the world doesn’t want you. Maybe you can use that to fuel your desire to do something good and prove that people with psychosis can be useful and a positive thing in this world. That is what I let it do. I’m going to make a change in the world and let everyone know that people with psychosis are worthwhile and can contribute just as much to the world. I’m going to fight the stigma. I bet you can too!!

People’s opinions about psychosis bug me, of course. But they pale in comparison to people’s opinions of my homosexuality, so I don’t get very offended by them. Remember that they’re just annoyingly uneducated, not hateful. And that can easily change for the better once they get to know you.

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The stigma hurts. But guess where you do belong? Right here. We all know who we are and we respect each other.


You probably shouldn’t read the comments section of your article anyways. People are at their worst there.

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It’s understandable what’s you feeling right now
the feeling that this world have abandoned you, that’s actually what I personally feel
Me too, I live in country with highly stigma
even therapist and other professional still treat patient like crazy.

but It’s not like you can suddenly stop exist and being no where
In this situation, I would say create your own space, your own place, where you belong to
but yes, here we are, this place is create for people with Schizophrenia
here we might don’t completely understand all of your situation
but we are like comrade in same road, we are here for find people who can relate to and understand us
we are community here , you are not alone.
P.S. sorry my english is poor

So true, @anon9798425.

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People seem to be a lot more comfortable stating their views on the LGBT community. My parents want to move back south. I’m not going with them.

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