Is there hope?

hi, i am diagnosed in 2011 with paranoid schizophrenia with negatives symptomes. i ve tried many aps. since 4 months i am on leponex 150 mg. on higher doses i have more panic attacks thats why i keep this dosage… but i suffer a lot emotionnally. my stomach is tide, no positive emotions,pain in the chest and the feeling that i feel my brain inside my head which causes me not to think clearly. i pass my time in my house with the feeling that other people see that i am sick… sincerely i am desperate,should i wait more on leponex? i dont notice a progress at all. is this antipsychotic can help me for the emotional pain?

Have you tried other meds? Or talking to your doc?

I tend to slide into some deep negatives… my meds got switched up and Latuda got added… (a good med for negative’s I’m told)

When I was feeling stronger from the meds… I was then put in therapy… to relearn communication with others… anger management… other coping skills for staying mindful and avoiding triggers.

There is hope… but I honestly feel I needed help to get some of my hope back. Then I got stronger and now I have enough hope to stand on my own again.

Good luck and I’m rooting for you.

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I am on clozapine low dose and I feel that I am not well and that people can tell. I think I should be on higher dose but they reluctant to increase it
Now I see no one no support from mental health just see psychiatrist once a year
I get delusional and voices around my menstrual cycle
I go charity and degree but I feel like a mad person

I think you might need people to help you and influence you n the right direction. It isn’t always just pills to count on. Do you live alone? Would you consider changing your living situation? And therapy is a good idea as SurprisedJ suggested.

thanks to all. i ve tried clopixol,abilify,solian,zyprexa,fluanxol,zeldox,seroquel. nothing worked…that s why i am on leponex now. i have group therapy once in the week. i live in east europe and there is no latuda here… sincerely, i am not sure that ill do through this for longtime. maybe there are schizophrenics who dont get never better? maybe i am one of these? its a lot of pain emotionally,cant take it anymore but i am afraid of the suicide…

I am the same I am very worried
I have problems a long time
I cannot say anything helpful to you because I don’t know what to do with self
I go back to college soon but I don’t have confidence

oh boy shellys,yes. but do you feel such pain? its physical in my case…i live alone in my appartment with the help of my mom for the food… i am low functionning because of the fear,desperation and lack of energy… some psys say 6 months to an year for the leponex but i am not sure if this is true…

Yes I also live alone. Parents live nearby
I don’t know I don’t have physical pain your nurse should be able to help
No one knows out there what I’m going through
Can’t wait to get to bed

i think that my father was ill. he died because of desesperation and alcohol… its hell,this pills i am not sure if they help…the cancer of the soul,yes…

Yes I feel lonely
My grandad had schizophrenia so that’s where I got it from. He died heart attack I think

but do you feel better on leponex? what if i stop it? a boyfriend of mine was thinking that this pills will kill us. my sister says its nonsense…
the same here, my mom is sure that its genetic…

I have protruding stomach
If I had a penny for the amount of times I’ve been asked when I’m due"…"…

I am left on the shelf no one wants me

There is always hope. APs generally don’t help much with negatives, have you tried antidepressants? I take Wellbutrin along with APs it definitely helps out. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

i suffer from social isolation… i am scared because of the others. but the worse is the emotional pain,it doesnt go away. someone who waited more than 4 months to see a progress?

the ads never really worked on me. i feel my brain in my head,dont know what is this… my thinking is focused on the illness.

and also, sometimes i dont get the info around me…no interest neither concentration :confused:

Anna… Do u have any support from nurses?

no,its not a practice here where i live…

Latuda (lurasidone) is new (2011) and is often better than other drugs at negative symptoms. Give it a shot!

And yes there is hope. I used to be holding on to the whim that I would be somewhat normal and not completely symptomatic all of the time. With a formal education in psychology, top notch psychiatry and an amazing therapist, I have a new reputation. I may be flawed, but it is a dream come true in some ways, in other ways my life is still a nightmare. I make it that way- I push myself. I come from a very formal and disciplined background, in fact I was expected to either study criminal justice and go to the Feds or do ROTC and become a SEAL. I just have some genetic predisposition to aim high.

I’m actually looking at psychology and counseling graduate programs, I’m a senior working on an honors degree in psychology.

I never thought I would be here or like this- in good ways and bad ways.

Yes there is hope. Now I was really smart before my onset, and am still smart just not as smart as I was. I’m not saying academia and writing theses is for you.

It’s whatever makes you feel happy with your existence.

But never give up hope. It’s like Pandora’s box- all of the horrible things we experience came out of the box, but the last thing to come out was hope.

Call that psychiatrist! Get better! I’m not a spokesperson for a pharmaceutical company but do ask your doctor about latuda and Geodon. I take Geodon and I have a fulfilling yet at times chaotic life.

Hope is something I will never give up. I used to be a heavy drinker and chain smoker and hope got me out of that ■■■■. Now exercise and caffeine are my drugs- like a good college student. I am on the patch to keep from smoking like a chimney- it works.

I can’t stress it enough- yes, there is hope. Never give up. Promise yourself that you will find the right life. Nothing is harder for me to break than a promise I made with myself- I am almost always true to my word, meaning when I say I will do something, I usually do it, if not get damn near close.