Is there any Wiccens?

I have been thinking of converting from atheist to Wicca but first I wanna know is there any Wiccans here?

Years ago I cherry-picked everything that I liked from Wicca and other traditional and neo-pagan systems, and made my own ways of looking at things and doing things. I think Wicca is pretty inspirational in the mindfulness department, for anyone who is looking to get into a deeper appreciation for nature and the seasons. It’s also a great way to approach the concept of fertility and seeing it as sacred and natural as opposed to dirty/shameful, if you need that sort of un-programming in your life. My 2 cents advice would be to approach it with the intent of exploring your spiritual and mindfulness sides, but don’t get into it for the “magik” because it’s basically just organized magical thinking and will feed into delusions pretty easily. In fact I would encourage you to cherry pick from any of the earth-based religions you like, because that’s basically what Wicca is, cherry-picked concepts from ancient civilizations. But it’s someone else’s cherry picked list, so why not make your own, it would be just as valid.


Can cause symptoms to worsen if you run into wrong group. Some of the event centers are letting these kind of groups hurt people & cause you more psychotic episodes. Would not even check it out…Psychics, unlicensed therapy, reiki, wiccan, pagan stuff can be organized crime with the ex-druggies looking for someone to use. Sometimes these people do not even have to work any more, they just mooch off the slaves they made. These kind have lots of ways to mess you up… You may really regret it and is PERFECT way to harm someone as is perfect loophole to force you to pay for unlicensed therapy to be left alone, financial support or favors. Cops were ignoring this too…Really bad scam harming their employees even. Group was harming pets for some to motivate and REALLY dirty cops hiding this. People who came across this had NO CHOICE BUT TO ABANDON THEIR HOMES & JOBS AND MOVE TO ANOTHER STATE. NO ATTORNEYS INTERESTED AT ALL! Media refuses to get involved in some of these situations too so no way to get anything done.

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