Non religious beliefs

do you meditate, levitate, mindfulness, new age stuff, enlightenment, ego free, purpose of life stuff , yin yang etc etc

does all this stuff mean much to you do you practice and learn new things to become a better person?


I meditate and do laughing yoga. They help me feel more inner peace.

how do you meditate do you mind me asking?
laughing yoga sounds fun!

I learn new things to become a better person but I don’t do any of that stuff you mentioned.

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I find these things important. However I do believe they can be considered religious concepts. Just not the religions were used to as westerners.

I colour in sometimes or do crafts as I find those things therapeutic like mindfulness.

are you trying to get this topic close Jonny Lol


Lol my bad :disappointed_relieved: haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I meditate or at least try to

i know you well Lol

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Balance is my number 1 principle

Ego loss and understanding ego and it’s consequences and it’s strengths has made a huge impact on my life

Trying to see past bias made a difference in my philosophy

Yin and Yang-understanding the whole. The masculinity and femininity as one. Everything as one.

Nature, meditation, spiritual but non religious texts has made an impact on my life

Non religious imo because you can say “treat each other’s how you wanna be treated” and be non religious.

Same idea

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one of my friends used to use tarot cards everyday and palm read

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That stuff is tricky.

I’ve seen psychics a lot but they’re mostly bad news

I have the ability to take it with a grain of salt

Others might take it too seriously

I long for their spiritual knowledge sometimes but hopefully no more psychics for me.

we can’t help who we are though. I don’t wish anyone bad

One told me I met my soulmate already…in a group. And I wasn’t as fond of them at first

Threw me off

I don’t think it was true

fair enough


I use words. So I’ll say things like feet, and focus on what I feel in my feet.

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I want to read lots of self help books

I also try to watch my thinking

Kind of like mind homeostasis.

Meaning to keep my mind state in a healthy range LOL


It’s a bit unfair that we cant talk about religion but we can talk about non religion, its like 2 sides of the same coin only one is accepted and the other is not, like when i came here a long time ago you could talk about your beliefs but it was in the delusional & hallucinations discussion area and that sort of says it all.

I’m just saying this because a lot of these non religious practices are very questionable

I’ve never heard of someone committing genocide because they found yoga.