Is there a lot of percocet people out there

I find it hard to believe, that I m the only one with back and hip pain, and I get low doses of it, my Dr’s tell me it can mess with my psychiatric meds in high doses. and any given day I over work and end up in two types of pain with out meds. any else do this?

With paracetomol…you take max dose advisable regularly so over here that is four hours. It can affect kidneys or such so you just do that regularly and it helps pain. My dad eats them but keeps it regular and does ok…as always…talk to your doctor, Doctor.

Percocet makes me feel totally stoned. I took it many years ago. I’m always worried about addictive meds.

I have scoliosis, and my back has gone out 3 times since 2010, honestly I’ve had better results with exercise and physical therapy vids on YouTube than any pill. Bob & Brad, and Athlean-x have a lot of back pain content.

My uh… medicine for pain is spicy number 5+<. I end up so umm… enchilado that I can even run like… a mile in a 20x20 foot grass yard… while kicking a football. Matter of fact, it led me to the road, then back to the lawn.

I woke up one Winter day with a broken back. That hurt a lot. They gave me real pain medicine, but I had to come off it evenually.

I’m on a startup dose if 12mg fentanyl every 3 days with 100mg tramadol every 6-8 hours, plus 4mg tizanadine 3x a day. I go back June 9th to see how it’s working and to set up lidocaine IV infusions. They were gonna do ketamine too, but drug resistant sz makes that a no go.

The fentanyl is giving me migraines but they said about a month if straight dosing should slow those down.