Anyone take pain killers?

I’m wondering if anyone takes pain killers? and does it effect your illness or schiz meds? I mess my back up a week ago and I can’t walk sit lay down or anything without severe pain. If it don’t heal I’m going to go to the doctor and I’m wondering what to expect.

When I take nsaids I don’t experience any difficulty with my medication . However stronger stuff causes problems with my meds and I can’t take them.

If you need them you should have them, but take care you don’t become addicted. When I got addicted to ephedrine pills I had a little more trouble than I cared for coming off them. Addiction is a ■■■■■■■■■■■■.

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positive thoughts and lo pain meds help it is a struggle of a life time I know but I said there well be good times. and there well be happy.