Man got a sore back

My bad has been going for weeks but now it has really gone. Literally can’t get out of bed. Feel bad cos my teenage nephew is staying for The weekend. But he assures me his is happy just watching movies on his own.

Took paracetamol and. Ibuprofen but still agony. Is a local holiday here so won’t get to a doctor before Tuesday :tired_face:

Oh man that sucks… Get well soon!

Mum has gone out to get me some co-codamol. Hope that helps the pain. You can get the lowest strength ones over the counter at the pharmacy here.

Be careful not to take too many.

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chiropractor has helped a woman I know that had back pains.
Finding one thats good for you.
She has had same chiropractor for over 30 years.

You could also see what your dr advises.
Tiger balm might heat and sooth a little and hot water bottle.

Hope you will get help.

I agree with Miinnii : Get well soon.

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chiropractor helped me alot.

Hope you feel better soon @Jimbob

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Thanks for the posts folks. Back is a lot better today. Haven’t taken anymore co-codamol but still gonna give it to my mum to keep.

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I’ve got back issues too. The only thing for it is to take it easy and don’t do any lifting.

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Just had another few twinges over the last hour. Took some ibuprofen - gonna reserve the codeine as an extreme back up.

have you done any back exercises? There’s a chiropractor that posts vids of exercises you can do. I have a lot of back issue - mild scoliosis and herniated disc in lower back from a bad epideral one time. Here’s his main page. I use the lower back pain exercises, some of the herniated disc exercises and some of the scoliosis exercises when mine starts hurting a lot. You should do them every day, but I don’t have the motivation to do that. (most vids are english)

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