Is there a link between being very smart and Sz?

I’m just average nothing special about me.

I do have a lttle common sense i think though. Hopefully that will put me somewhere amongst so many clever people

I think it’s important to keep in mind that the correlation between low IQ and the development of schizophrenia is from people with a familial history of schizophrenia, not simply low IQ.


Well, once again, I think there’s some discrepancy between research study results, what’s published, and actual experience amongst people with sz. Everything taken with a grain of salt. What good does it do to make broad generalized statements when A. It does not represent causation, and B. It does not represent the group as a whole?

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very good points anna, I agree with you

typically there is some level of cognitive impairment even in the prodromal stage in schizophrenia, that’s why I think that
if you are less than 100 percent it is impossible to be brilliant ( in schizophrenia).
Further, this is complete RUBBISH, talk to me when everyone can be as smart as they want to be.

grumpy much? I have a very high IQ and I’m Sza

IQ is worth NOTHING.
IQ is something people should be able to CHOOSE, as well as parameters such as levels like physical fitness
and shape of their body and gender etc.
I had severe cognitive impairment since early childhood, otherwise I would have stratospheric intelligence,
but really I believe that things like that are things people should completely control.

Would be nice :smile:

It is only a wrong stereotype believed by many pseudo-intellectuals that have never met some real people with MI.


Success in life is not an all-or-nothing situation. To the contrary, success in life is based on resilience, an ability to bounce back from adversity.

What do you call the person who graduates last in medical school? Doctor.


B: I don’t know of any reason to believe that these findings are not generalizable to the group as a whole. If you’re saying we shouldn’t research things because of intra-group variation, then I think you’ve just rejected most scientific findings in every social science there is. They probably used some kind of random sampling (drawing subjects from a pool like in-patients when you’re trying to generalize to the whole population would be stupid in this case, and such research would likely not get published in any reputable journal). You also won’t find similar effects for many other mental illnesses, and these findings have been replicated many times, so I can’t see any good reason to doubt that these findings represent real tendencies associated with having schizophrenia. But if you find some scientific information that goes against this hypothesis, I would love to see it.

A: Just like other correlational research, and research in general, it’s usually not done just for the fun of it. I can think of many reasons why one would want to find out about the relationship between intelligence and schizophrenia. The correlation that apparently exists could point the way to causal factors. For instance, there could be some genes that code both for lower intelligence and risk for schizophrenia. Or there could be some process in the brain that goes wrong when you develop schizophrenia that also harms your intelligence. Knowing there is a correlation between low intelligence and schizophrenia means you need to explain this somehow if you want to understand the illness. Another reason could be to find out if this is true for the whole group or just most of the group. If there’s a part of the group of “people with schizophrenia” that does not fit this pattern, that would suggest something slightly different is going on with these people. Again, this could lead to new discoveries and possibly new treatments. Also, knowing that a lot of people with schizophrenia struggle with low intelligence, and specifically what kind of intellectual functioning is affected, could lead to ways to accommodate for this in therapy or even target these intellectual difficulties with new therapies.

A pseudo-intellectual would be someone who rejects or misrepresents scientific facts because it doesn’t fit with their view on things. Edit: But maybe you were talking about those who say people who schizophrenia usually have a high IQ.

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Exactly, those people thinks that there is a fine line between genius and insanity despite the evidence.

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since both are very much human issues I would say the line is fine between all variations of the human species…from eye color to intelligence… nothing more than some strings of human coding difference… once we master the ability to edit and manipulate the strings the line will disappear…if some greedy bastards don’t have total control over it anyway…if they do the line will probably turn into a small fortune…

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@flameoftherhine you seem to be thinking along my lines…
That’s awesome!!

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ive named the mode of thought… probable scifi… i was just picking on @zeno and @anon9798425 … they are right by todays techs and knowledge and its unfair to throw in knowledge we don’t have and may never get… but dammit i gotta hope for the future there is no help for me now…

Is this like those people on the TV show “Intervention” where every single person needing treatment was always described exactly the same by all the parents…Every kid was described when little as, Very Bright, Super Smart and Way advanced.

We all know how they turned out, because that’s what the show was about.
Maybe a high intelligence isn’t such a good thing after all.

I’m all for research, of course, @anon9798425. But when a statement is made like “the majority of people with sz have lower than average IQs”, I feel a line is being drawn that may not benefit everyone. I’m thinking of my son, who is above average IQ, and my uncle who is also above average. I don’t know my IQ, but it is not below average. So, we don’t fit that majority group and are left outside of that statement. So, it’s a very narrow/personal view that I have and I realize that. I guess I just find it hard to believe too.

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I understand that you feel this puts us people with schizophrenia in a bad light, but remember that there’s nothing wrong with being an outlier, and there’s also nothing wrong with struggling with cognition. We all have our struggles, our differences and our shortcomings. One of the kindest people I know is a below average intelligent guy with schizophrenia. And I think there are very many people on this site with above average intelligence. But if we want science to progress, and hopefully eventually cure schizophrenia, we need it to be honest about how things are, and we need to accept it. The truth, it seems, is that the majority of people with schizophrenia do have lower than average IQs, but that there is still a big minority among us who have above average IQs. :slight_smile:


It would be interesting to see how many here are of average/above average intelligence but have areas of cognitive difficulty. Such people would very much fall into what Americans call having a ’ learning disability’.


I know you’re right and I appreciate what you’ve said here, @anon9798425. :heartbeat:

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