Is there a full moon tonight?


Some of the posts seem to be getting . whacky.


I don’t know if there’s a full moon, but there are some signs of spring fever in our neighborhood.


i hope not , i turn into a werewolf otherwise !?!
take care


hope it’s not too spooky


Lots of happenings in the sky in 2014 and 2015…


As a rule schizophrenics don’t get out very much.


No, it’s definitely not a full moon out, it’s just a thin crescent at the bottom.
Kinda like a sinister cheese grin sans eyeballs.

The posts have gotten quite left handed monkey wrench.


There was no full moon here… :full_moon_with_face:

I kept my pants on the entire time I swear… :jeans:


that was awesome , i was howling to the moon…
take care